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About Contacts

The Contacts service manages Wix sites' contacts. A contact is someone relevant to the site's business – either a site visitor who has performed a meaningful interaction within the site, or a person who was added manually.

In a Wix site, the site owner and anyone they have added as a contributor can view and manage the site's contacts.

A contact can be created in the following ways:

  • A site visitor fills in a form with their communication details
  • A site visitor signs up to the site
  • The site owner or a contributor enters the contact manually or using the import contacts feature

A contact has the following fields:

  • id - Unique identifier associated with the contact (read-only)
  • first_name - Contact's first name
  • last_name - Contact's last name
  • emails - Email address(es) associated with the contact
  • phones - Phone number(s) associated with the contact
  • addresses - Street address(es) associated with the contact

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