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About This API

Wix site owners can create coupons to provide their customers with discounts on the products on their site. With the Coupons API, you can integrate with the store owner's coupon management in their Wix store to create, delete, get, check and query the site owner's coupons.

Coupon Types

Wix supports the following types of coupons:

  • $ discount - a.k.a. moneyOff, a fixed discount amount
  • % discount - a.k.a. percentOff, a discount as a % (e.g., 20% off)
  • Free Shipping - free shipping
  • Sale Price - a.k.a. fixedPrice, a fixed sale price
  • Buy X Get Y - get a certain number/kind of product for free (Y) when a customer buys a minimum number/kind of items (X). Both X and Y items must be in the customer's cart at time of purchase

Usage Limits

Coupons can be limited to:

  • 1 item per order
  • Minimum subtotal
  • X number of uses in total (all purchases by all customers, including repeat uses by the same customer)

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