Velo: Developer Tools Features

You can customize your site and analyze its usage with advanced developer tools. Find the premium plan that suits your needs and choose the plan that fits.

Scheduled jobs

You can use Velo to schedule code to run on a site at regular intervals. Each scheduled function is called a job. Scheduling jobs allows certain site functions to be automated such as updating or clearing database collections and sending status reports. Wix limits the number of jobs you can define for your site and how frequently jobs can run.

Downgrade behavior

If you downgrade to a lower tier plan and you have more jobs on your site than the new plan allows, some of your jobs may not run.

Backend event handlers

Many of the Velo APIs include events that are triggered when certain actions are performed on a site. For example, the Wix Stores API includes events for when a new cart is created, when a new order is placed, and when a new product is created. You can use these events to run code that interacts with actions on your site dynamically.

Downgrade behavior

If you downgrade to a lower tier plan, the functionality changes to the one defined by the new plan.

Custom extensions

The custom extensions feature allows you to use SPIs to customize the way that Wix apps work on your site. This includes injecting custom logic into app flows, and integrating your site with 3rd-party services. For example, you can use the Shipping Rates custom extension to integrate your site with a 3rd-party shipping service not currently supported by Wix.

Downgrade behavior

If you downgrade to a lower tier plan, you lose access to custom extensions.

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