A Worker component is a hidden iframe that allows background JavaScript in each page of the user’s website. The Worker is always combined with another visible component: Widget, Page, Fixed-Position Widget, or Dashboard.

User Experience
  • Users can see your app in the App Market and then add it to their website.
  • Users will have to grant permission for your app once they add it.
  • The Worker component will be added automatically to the user’s website.
  • Neither the Wix user nor the site visitor will be aware of the Worker component.
  • Deleting the app will revoke the permission and remove the Worker.

A Worker consists of one part:

  • The Worker iframe: The JavaScript that will be added to each page of the user’s website. The iframe will run in the published website but will not be visible to site visitors.
Signed App Instance

To link between the component iframe and the Worker iframe, use the App Instance. This is a signed parameter that allows you to identify the website and the Wix user, and verify that the calling party is indeed Wix. Each request to the Worker iframe includes the App Instance ID parameter as part of the iframe URL.

Iframe Query Parameters

Query parameters for the Worker iframe:


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