How should I manage user accounts in my app?

Identify the user’s site with the instanceId property in the App Instance parameter – there’s no need to authenticate users by asking them to log into an account.
If users must log into an account (for your service or a third-party account like Facebook), discuss this with your account manager.
If your account manager approves the use of accounts in your app, here’s what you should do:
  1. In the Main tab of your App Settings panel, follow our style guide for the connect account flow. Refer to this PSD.
  2. Use the App Instance ID parameter to link the user’s account to the app installed on the site. When a user adds your app, the Wix platform generates a unique App Instance ID for the app. This ID is the same for all of your app’s components in this site, as well as the App Settings panel.
  3. When users disconnect their account in your app, delete the link between the account and the App Instance ID.

How do I update my app with the settings the user chose in the App Settings?

When users change a setting in your app, update the app right away in the Wix Editor – but don’t change the app on the live site until the user publishes the site. Here’s how.


How do I add a recurring premium plan to my app?

To add a recurring plan, go to your app’s page in the Dev Center and click Edit App.

In the Features tab, you can set your premium plans, add a package ID, package name and a monthly/yearly price (here’s how). You should also add features for your new premium plan.

Note: You’ll only see the Features tab if we approved your mockups.

I defined premium features but I can’t see them in the App Market.

The premium package is only available once you have a valid premium package in the Wix billing system. This will happen after we approve your app.


My App Instance is missing a few characters and not decoding. What should I do?

Use base64url decoding instead of normal base64.

How can I set the app dimensions?

You set the default size of the component iframe in the Dev Center. Users can change the size of the component by resizing the iframe inside the editor, just like other Wix elements.

To detect the size of the iframe – use the window resize event. Make your app responsive and change the layout of the component according to the new size.

When trying to get the InstanceId using the SDK method I get an error – cannot read property ‘substring’ of null.

Your component is probably redirecting to another endpoint without passing all the provided query parameters (required by our JS SDK).

When redirecting, make sure your component passes all query parameters to the forwarded endpoint. If your URL contains a Hashbang, make sure you put Wix’s parameters before it.

For more about URL redirect, see the next question.

How do I set up my app to use URL redirect?

Note that we don’t recommend using URL redirect, because it can cause errors. If you need to use URL redirect, here’s how to do it:

  1. Include a reference to our Javascript SDK in the target endpoint’s HTML document.
  2. Pass all query parameters to the target endpoint (see the required query parameters for widget, page, and dashboard components).
    If your URL contains a hashbang (#!), insert the query parameters before it.

Example (in Node.js):


How do I test my app before submitting?

Go to your app’s page in the Dev Center and click Test App.

The Editor or Dashboard opens, and you can find your app in App Market (under the Developer Apps category). Then start testing your app!

I’m trying to test my app but it doesn’t load – what should I do?

If your app loads in the iframe but disappears after a few seconds and you see an error like “We’re sorry, this content cannot be displayed. Please try again later”, this means that your endpoint didn’t load the Wix JS SDK within 20 seconds.

There’s a few reasons this might happen. Here’s what to look for:

  • Make sure every endpoint in your app includes a reference to our Javascript SDK in the HTML document.
  • If using URL redirect, make sure your app passes all query parameters to the forwarded endpoint. We don’t recommend using URL redirect, because it can cause errors.
  • Check if your app has the X-Frame-Options HTTP response header. This header may prevent the browser from loading your iframe’s content.

How do I test my mobile endpoint?

You can test your mobile endpoint from your computer or mobile device. First, create a website that includes your app and publish it. You can then test your app in the published website:

  • To test in a mobile device, add ?appDefinitionId=%AppID% as a query parameter to your website URL.
  • To test from your desktop browser, add ?showMobileView=true as a query parameter to your
    website URL.

How do I test my app as a contributor?

Check your app as a contributor and as a site owner – you’ll want to make sure only site owners can see any sensitive information in your app.

  1. Invite yourself to be a contributor, using a different email address than the one you use to log in to your Wix site.
  2. Accept the invitation (you’ll need to create another Wix account for the contributor).
  3. Test your app as each type of user – site owner and contributor.

How do I submit my app?

You can submit your app only if we’ve approved your mockups.

Once your app is ready, follow our app submission checklist to submit your app for a full review.

How long does it take to get listed in the App Market once I submit my app?

To publish your app in the App Market, we first need to review and approve it. The review process has four steps: product review, technical review, marketing/premium review and a final review.

You’ll get an initial response from us within 30 business days (we’ll send it to the email address you provided when you first registered in the Dev Center).

If your app meets our requirements and is thoroughly tested, we’ll start reviewing your app. Otherwise – we’ll ask you to first go through our app submission checklist.


How can I deploy a new version of an already published app?

Here’s how to replace your app’s current version in the App Market with the new version:
  • If you’re just fixing a bug – go ahead and update it on your side.
  • If you’re adding a new component or feature, or making any other change – reach out to your account manager. You’ll need to submit the new version for review. Once we approve it, we’ll update your app in the App Market.
Need a refresher about what to do before submitting your app? See our app submission checklist.

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