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Before you submit your app, makes sure we have all of your app’s details in the Dev Center – your marketing materials, support information, premium plans and features, etc.

Go to your app’s page in the Dev Center and navigate to each of the tabs below to add the rest of your app’s information.

App Info

Add information about your app and your company in the App Info tab:

  1. Upload icon – add your app icon.
  2. Add promotional text for your app – add your app’s short description and a list of benefits for upgrading your app.
  3. Add support information for your app – Add contact information so that users can contact your support team.
  4. Add FAQs – Add a few questions (up to 15) that users might ask about your app. We’ll integrate your FAQ content into the Wix Editor/Dashboard, so that users can access it when they click the help icon (see an example).
  5. About the developer – Write a short description about your company.
Overview Info

Add general information about your app that will appear in the first tab of your app overview modal in the App Market.

  1. Add your company name and link to your website, under the Overview Info section.
  2. Write an App Description and upload preview images for the Preview Gallery. Images should be 500x360px.
Live Demo

A live demo is a working sample of your app that will be under the Demo tab of your app overview modal.

You can create your own live demo or add your app to the Editor and provide the link of your app iframe. Read how to add a live demo in our marketing guide.
To add a live demo, provide your demo URL; You will be able to see a preview of the live demo under the Live Demo section.

If your app has only Dashboard endpoints, this tab will be disabled as the demo tab is not relevant for the Dashboard App Market.

Features & Pricing

In the Features tab, add your app’s features as well as a premium plan according to your app business model:

  1. Mark the type of plans you’re offering – Free Plan and/or Premium Plan (recurring plan).
  2. Add these details for your premium plan:
    • Package ID – an ID to identify the recurring premium plan. It’s for your own internal use – user’s won’t see this ID. Later, when we access your endpoint with this Package ID, you’ll know that that this user upgraded the app (learn more).
    • Package name – a promotional/marketing name for this recurring premium plan to display in the App Market. Learn more about the marketing guidelines.
    • Monthly price and/or Yearly price – this will be the price of the user’s recurring payment, in USD.
      Note: You can only make changes to the price until you submit your app. If you’ve already submitted and you want to change your app’s price, please contact us.
  3. Add your app’s features, and mark next to each feature if it is part of the free or premium plan.
You can add either one or three recurring premium plans (not including your free plan). If you want to have three recurring plans, contact us.

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