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Let’s get your app ready for launch! We’ll give you feedback to help you improve your app so that it offers a better experience for Wix users.

We’ll stop the review immediately if your app:

How Does It Work?

We’ll review your app in these stages:

  1. General Review – We’ll check to see that your app is in accordance with the approved mockups. You’ll get this feedback within 10-15 business days.
  2. Technical Review – We’ll check that your app integrates properly with our platform.
  3. Pre-Launch Review – We’ll go over your app one last time to make sure it’s ready for launch.
Tips for a Quick Review

We’ll do our best to review your app as quickly as possible. 

Here’s what to do on your end to make the review process short and sweet:

  • As you create mockups, follow our guidelines and ask questions. As you go through our UI/UX guidelines to create your mockups, reach out to your account manager if you’re not sure of how to apply them in your app.
  • Wait for us to finish reviewing before you go over our comments. We’ll let you know when we’re done with a review, and that’s when you can start implementing and asking questions. We ask you to wait because we sometimes remove or change our comments as we review.
  • Once we send you feedback, don’t wait too long to respond. If we haven’t heard from you in awhile, we’ll reach out. However, if more than one month goes by and we haven’t heard back, you may be required to start the process again.
  • Understand our feedback before you implement. To save time and avoid frustration, ask us any questions about the review – before you start implementing. 
  • Communication is key. If you feel that we proposed a solution that’s too complicated or not a good fit for your app, talk to us. We can work on a better solution together.
  • Go through our feedback carefully. You’ll need to implement all of our “must-fix” comments before launch. We’re more flexible when it comes to our “recommendations”, but we strongly suggest implementing them to make your app the best it can be.
General Review

The first round of feedback you’ll get is from our product team. Your account manager will check that your app is in accordance with the approved mockups.

What to do:

If your account manager sends you any comments, update your app accordingly. When you’re done, resubmit the app and let your account manager know.

What’s next?

Once you pass the general review:

  • We’ll move your app forward to the technical review.
  • If your app has a premium version, we’ll set it up in our billing system before you move on to the technical review – so you’ll be able to see your app’s features and price in the App Market.
Technical Review

We’ll send you any bugs, performance, or integration issues we find during the technical review.

If we see that you haven’t tested your app, we’ll stop the technical review and direct you to our testing guide. Test your app thoroughly – if we keep finding issues even after a few back-and-forth cycles, we’ll need to reject your app.

What to do:

Fix the bugs and any other issues we found, and let us know when you’re done.

What’s next?

Once our technical team approves, we’ll move your app to the next and final review.

Pre-Launch Review

Almost done! We’ll send you any final feedback we have – how to make your app even better, comments from our legal team, etc.

What to do:

Take this time to polish your app for launch, and let your account manager know when you’re done.


Congrats – you’re officially part of the Wix family now! We’ll publish your app in the Wix App Market, and your app will have its own public link – so start sharing it with family, friends, and everyone else.

Check out our post launch section for quick answers to some initial questions you may have – about getting paid, user reviews, how we introduce and promote your app, and more.

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