Marketing Guidelines


Once we approve your mockups, go ahead and start working on your marketing materials – except for the marketing images and demo (you’ll take care of those later, during the app review). Prepare the rest of your marketing materials and upload them to the Dev Center.

We’ll explain exactly what you need to prepare and the best way to market your app to our users.

You’ll get feedback on your marketing text while you’re in development. Our marketing experts will go over your content so that it’s consistent with our voice and tone.
App Card

We’ll list your app in all three of our App Market storefronts – the App Market in the Wix Editor, the App Market in the Wix Dashboard, and the App Market website.

Your app will have its own card in the App Market. Your app card is the first thing they’ll see about your app, so make sure it’s engaging and catches the user’s eye!

You’ll come up with the app name, icon, and short description, and we’ll create the card.

Your app will have its own modal. This modal is your gateway to conversion. When users click on your app’s card, we’ll display this modal so that users can learn more about your app.

The modal has five tabs, and we’ll explain what you need to prepare for each one:

  1. App Overview – Introduce your app to Wix users with a description of what your app does and a few marketing images.
  2. Demo – Show users how your app works (here’s how).
  3. Features & pricing – Explain your app’s features and premium plans (here’s how).
  4. Reviews – We’ll display your app’s reviews and ratings here, so there’s nothing you need to prepare right now. Once we launch your app, monitor and reply to your reviews regularly, as customer comments are very influential and can impact whether other users will add your app.
  5. Developer Info – Tell users about yourself or your company, and let users know how they can contact you (here’s how).
App Name

Choose a name that’s relevant, memorable, and describes what your app does. For example, “Video Ads” tells users that your app displays video ads.

Your app name should be:

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Short, between 1-3 words (23 characters max)
  • Original – do a quick search to make sure the name is available
Tip: Try to think of keywords that users would search for – this may help you come up with the right name.
App Icon

Create a round, 60x60px icon for your app. We’ll display this icon in your app’s card, banner, in search results, and more. For example:

You’ll upload your icon as 2 SVG files:

  • 1 color icon
  • 1 white icon with a transparent background

Create Your App Icon

Here’s how:

1. Starting with a 60x60px canvas, create a 40x40px icon shape.  

    • Use the canvas as the background for your icon – don’t create a separate shape for the background.
    • Create a 40x40px icon shape in the center.

2. Need text in your icon? We recommend that you don’t add text to your icon, but if you do – use initials instead of the full product name. This makes your icon more readable, especially when it’s resized. (We’ll resize your icon when displaying your app in the user’s search results.)

3. Create a monochrome version of your icon. Some areas of the Wix platform show app icons as monochrome images, so create another version of your icon – a white icon with a transparent background, saved as an SVG. For example:

Short Description

Write a teaser for your app – a short and engaging description that will capture the user’s attention and encourage them to try your app.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Keep it short – up to 46 characters
  • Speak directly to users – tell users what they can do with your app (for example “Create a beautiful image” instead of “People can create beautiful images”)
  • Tell users why they should add your app – state a benefit that your app offers
Long Description

Tell users more about your app and what it offers. We’ll use this full description in the overview tab of your app’s modal. For example:

Here’s how to write great marketing text that’ll encourage users to try your app:

  • Speak directly to Wix users. Try to answer the “what’s in it for me,” from a Wix user perspective. There will be another tab for features later on, so concentrate on highlighting the benefits of your app.  
  • Keep it short (250-500 characters) and use bullet points when possible. We recommend giving a powerful intro paragraph and 3 bullet points listing your app’s main benefits.
    Your benefits should emphasize the value proposition to the user and highlight competitive advantages. You can also showcase the best reviews of your app from the media and users.

Check out a good example of overview text here: Instagram Feed

TipImprove your App’s visibility on search engines and help potential customers find you: think about what keywords might search for when looking for a service that your app offers, and use these keywords in your description (when you can).
Marketing Images

Showcase your app with 5 or 6 high-quality images (500x360px).  We’ll use these images in the overview tab of your app’s modal.

We suggest waiting until your app has gone through a full app review before working on your marketing images. Otherwise, you may need to redo the images later if anything changes in your app’s UI (like the UI text).

The first image should be a promotional image that shows your app’s brand. It should include:

  • Your app name
  • A tagline, or short promotional copy telling users the benefit of your app
  • An engaging image or other visual to show off your app

The additional images are screenshots of your app to show users how it looks in the Wix platform. Images should be relevant and accurately represent your app.

  • Upload 2 images on a Wix template (not relevant for dashboard-only apps). For example:
  • Include 1-2 images of the app’s settings and customization options. (If your app is dashboard-only, upload 3 or 4 images to highlight top features.)
    For example:
  • For mobile-optimized apps, include 1 image of your app’s mobile view. For example:
Have a multicomponent app that has both a site component and a dashboard?

In addition to your app’s promotional image, upload 4-5 images:

  • 1-2 images of the app in a Wix template
  • 1-2 screenshots of the App Settings panel
  • 1 image of the dashboard
  • 1 image of the app’s mobile view

App Demo

You can include a demo for your app to show users how it works (optional). A demo can be:

  • A live demo – show users how your app will work on a Wix site (or give them a sneak peek of how it’ll look). You can check out the Comments app, Wix Weather app, and Instagram Feed app to see a few examples.
  • A video demo – you can show a high-quality video of your app in action (see how the Wix Pro Gallery app did it).

Your demo should:

  • Give users a good understanding of how your app works
  • Have no advertising or other distractions
We suggest waiting until your app has gone through a full app review before working on your demo. Otherwise, you may need to redo the demo later if anything changes in your app’s UI (like the UI text).

Live Demo

The easiest way to create a live demo is to provide us with your app iframe URL. However, we recommend that you first customize the settings of the default app to make it more attractive.

To customize your app:

  1. Open the Editor using the Test Your App button.
  2. Add your app to the site.
  3. Change the setting of the app using the app settings panel.
  4. You should resize the app to fit the live demo tab which is 820px width and 431px height.
  5. Once you have finished customizing your app, click Preview in the Wix Editor and copy the app iframe URL including all parameters to the live demo tab.

Video Demo

  1. Create a high-quality video showing your app in action.
  2. Embed the video in a webpage – even a Wix site.
  3. In the Dev Center, go to your app’s Live Demo tab and enter the URL of the embedded video (not the page URL).
Features and Pricing

Describe key features of your app and explain product attributes in a sentence or two:

  • State the most important feature first
  • Display 2-3 premium features above the fold –  this leads to higher conversion rates
  • List customization options, automation, or other helpful features that improve website usability and functionality

Here’s an example:

Developer Info

This is your time to shine: use this opportunity to provide additional info about your company.

Valuable details that users look for here include:

  • Important info about you and your app
  • Customer support options

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