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Now that your app is developed, you’re almost ready to submit it for review. We’ll explain how to make sure that your app is ready, and how to submit it for review.

You can only submit your app for review if we approved your mockups.
App Submission Checklist

Before you submit your app, go through this checklist:

  1. The app was developed according to the approved mockups and content. Go over your mockups to check that your app is pixel-perfect. If we sent you any updated marketing or UI content, make sure you’re using the new content. 
  2. All app requirements are met. Go through our app requirements checklist to see that you’ve implemented all of the relevant requirements.
  3. There are no bugs or performance issues. Test your app thoroughly by following our testing guide.
  4. The app’s details and marketing materials are in the Dev Center. Check that you’ve added your app’s details, like your app’s premium plans, marketing materials, etc. 
  5. The app is public. If you’re running your app locally, upload it to a public server – otherwise we won’t be able to see it.
  6. You have test accounts ready for us. If your app processes payments, have a test account (PayPal, Stripe etc.) ready for us so that we can check payments. We’ll contact you about it once we start reviewing your app.
Complete these steps before you submit. If we see that your app isn’t ready, we’ll ask you to resubmit and this will delay the launch process.
Submit your app

Once you’ve completed the tasks in our app submission checklist, you’re ready to submit your app for review. 

Send your account manager an email to let them know that your app is ready.

What’s next?

We’ll start your app review and get back to you with our initial feedback.

Learn more about what you can expect in our app review process.

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