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We make it easy for business owners to create a web presence and manage their entire business online, and our web apps offer more ways for users to enrich their site and grow their business.

By integrating your product with Wix, you can reach millions of businesses worldwide and help them succeed.

Once you get to know how apps work in Wix, find out what kind of apps our users currently need – that’ll help you decide if Wix is the right platform for your app. Start by checking out this handy list of apps we’re looking for – and apps we’re not. 

Take a quick tour of our platform:

Get to Know Wix

Wix is a free HTML5 website building platform – a one stop shop for business owners to create their site and manage their business.

Users don’t need any coding or design skills to set up their entire business online – it’s all done using our drag and drop website editor, management dashboard, and apps.

Get to Know Wix Users

Our users are small business owners, entrepreneurs, photographers, musicians, event planners, etc.

They’re looking for apps to enrich their site and grow their business, so you’ll be able to reach your target audience effectively by marketing the right app to millions of potential users.

Understanding Wix users and what they need is the key to deciding if Wix is the right place for your product. Learn more about what kind of apps we’re looking for, based on current user needs. 

See How Apps Work in Wix

Apps are loaded as iframes in our platform, so there’s a seamless experience between third-party apps and Wix.

Here’s how it works:

  • Apps for the website – Users create their site with our drag and drop website editor. Here, they’ll add elements like text, images, and apps that add extra functionality to the site and make it stand out – a blog, contact form, events calendar, booking system, etc.

    Users can customize apps and other elements to get the right look and feel for their site.

  • Apps for managing the business – Users manage their business, website, and contacts in the Wix Dashboard, and they can add apps to help with these tasks (i.e, apps to manage finances, promote their site, send newsletters, and more).

    Since the Dashboard is the back-office for the business, it’s not visible to site visitors.

Browse the App Market

We offer a variety of apps: eCommerce apps, communication and social apps, apps to drive traffic and manage finances, and more.

Of course, the best way to know what we offer is to see for yourself! Browse the App Market>>

Apps You Can Create

As we grow and launch more great apps, we’ve decided to focus only on apps that offer new or
game-changing functionality for users.

We’re looking to integrate products that are already live with users and fit into one of these categories.

Develop Your App

Use any language for the server-side code, and develop the app’s front end using HTML5 technologies. Note that we don’t host your app on our servers.

You’ll use these platforms and libraries as you develop your app:

  • UI-lib – Our UI-lib helps you create a panel where users can customize your app for their website. It’s easy to use and brings the Wix look and feel to your app.
  • JS SDK – Our JavaScript SDK has a wide range of methods that allow your app to integrate seamlessly with Wix.
  • WixHive – You can send and receive information about the user’s contacts or site visitor activity (e.g., purchases) with our data-sharing platform – the WixHive. Post information that your app collects, and request information you need using our SDK and/or HTTP API.
  • HTTP API – You can get information about a user’s in-app purchases, implement the WixHive, and receive webhook notifications using our HTTP API
Launch Your App

Ready to start? Go through our launch guide – we’ll explain how to turn your existing product into a Wix app that’s ready for launch.

Once we approve your app, you’ll officially be part of the Wix family. We’ll introduce your app in the App Market’s “New” category – one of the most frequently viewed categories. We also promote the best apps (performance-based) in the Wix blog, email marketing, and more.

Contact Us

We’re always here to help – if you have any questions, reach out to us.

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