Data Protection (GDPR)

If you’re a Wix site owner, go to the Wix Help Center to find out how to prepare your site for GDPR.

The info below is only relevant to companies who launched an app in the Wix App Market.


Starting in May 2018, the EU will have stricter privacy requirements, according to a new regulation known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What does this mean for your app?

Once GDPR takes effect, Wix users may contact you about accessing, changing, or deleting any personal data your app stores about them or their site visitors.

GDPR Compliance

Make sure you comply with GDPR requirements. We suggest learning more about GDPR so that you understand how it affects your app.

If a Wix user (who is both the site owner and an EU citizen) contacts you about their personal data, here’s what we suggest:

  1. Ask them to provide details as proof of identity. This is needed to protect their security.
  2. Let users know you’re processing their request. Send an email to let users know you’re handling their request.
  3. Complete their request as soon as possible. Once you’ve proven the user’s identity, we suggesting handling their request as follows:
    • If users request to edit or delete their personal data, comply without undue delay. We suggest completing this request within a week (but no more than 30 days).
    • If users request to access their personal data, send it within 30 days. Always send data to the same email/channel that the user reached out to you in. 

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