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Now that your app is in the Wix App Market, you can start promoting it and engaging users:

  • You can add our App Market badge to your website
  • You can send email marketing (add a direct link so users can open your app in one of their Wix sites)
App Market Badges

You can promote your Wix app with our “Available in the Wix App Market” badge.

Use the badge on your site and anywhere you promote your app.

1. Choose your favorite color and save the image:

2. Link the badge to your app overview modal:

Here are a few guidelines we kindly request you follow when using the badge:

  • Please don’t modify the badge in any way except to resize it.
  • Keep a minimum of 20px between the Wix badge and other content & images.
  • Make sure that your badge is always linked to your app in the Wix App Market.
  • The badge shouldn’t be displayed on any website that promotes: pornography, violence, gambling, hate speech or content that violates other applicable laws. We’re not into that.
  • Just a friendly reminder that all Wix images are proprietary and protected under intellectual laws, so please use them correctly.
Prefer to use our logo instead? You can download our logo and use it on your site – we just ask that you follow the guidelines listed.
Email Marketing

You can send out marketing emails to let Wix users know about new features and more. Just make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Let users unsubscribe. Make sure the email has an unsubscribe option.
  • Make it clear to users that the email is from you. Users should understand from your email that it’s from your company, and not from Wix.  
  • Add a CTA to direct users to your app in Wix. You can link to your app in the App Market (, or create a direct link so that users can open your app in one of the their Wix sites. Prefer to direct users to a landing page? Go ahead – just make sure this page has a CTA that links to your app in Wix.

Here’s an example:

We recommend using an email tracking service so that you can get stats about email performance.

Want to learn more about how to write great marketing emails? Check out these articles:

For more info, check out our email marketing tips.

Reach out to your account manager if you have any questions about emailing Wix users.
Direct Link to Your App

When sending email marketing, direct users to open your app in one of their Wix sites. Don’t send users to your app’s website.

If you want to notify a specific user about something that happened in your app or an action they should take – here’s how (available for dashboard apps only).

How to create a direct link for your app:

Construct a URL to open the Wix Site Selector, so that users can choose which of their sites to open your app in. Once users select a site, they’ll be directed to your app in that site.

This is an example of our site selector:


To open the site selector, use the following URL: One of Your Sites&buttonText=Open App&actionUrl=<encoded iframe URL>

But first, you’ll need the encoded value of your app’s iframe URL within the editor or dashboard. You’ll add this value at the end of the site selector URL, for the actionUrl key.

Here’s how to construct and encode the iframe URL to get the actionUrl:

  1. Go to the Dev Center and get your App ID – you’ll need it for the next step.
  2. Construct the iframe URL:
    • Site components – use the following URL, but replace <appID> with your app’s ID.{{applications.HtmlWeb.idInApp}}?metaSiteId={{metaSiteId}}&editorSessionId={{esi}}&etpa=<appID>

    • Dashboard components – use the following URL, but replace <appID> with your app’s ID. If your app supports deep linking and you want to direct the user to an internal page within your app, change the value of <appState>.{{metaSiteId}}/app/?appDefinitionId=<appID>#/<appID>?<appState> 

  3. Encode this iframe URL with a URL encoding tool (like this one). The encoded URL is the value for the actionURL key.

Now, just enter this actionURL intro the site selector URL above. For example, if your actionURL is abc123 , you’ll have a URL that looks like this: One of Your Sites&buttonText=Open App&actionUrl=abc123

Your action URL will be a much longer string of characters and numbers – we just used abc123 to keep the example simple.

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