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You can easily see your app’s rating and respond to user reviews directly from your Wix Developers account, in the Reviews tab. We’ll also send you an email notification as soon as a new review is posted, so you’ll always be up to date.

User satisfaction and ratings are crucial to your app’s success, and once you know what users are saying,
you can:

  • Quickly identify any issues or bugs in your app.
  • Resolve customer complaints quickly – not only will this make your users happy, but you’ll also impress potential users.
  • Get ideas and feedback to improve your app.

By analyzing feedback and responding in the right way, you’ll be able to increase user satisfaction, increase your app’s rating, and build a relationship with users (even the cranky ones).

Note: We’ll send email notifications to your support email, and include a link so that you can reply to reviews on the go. If you want us to send notifications to a different email address, contact your
account manager.
What should you do with user feedback?

What you do with the reviews is up to you – but if you get it right, it can lead to higher ratings, more users, and more conversions. Here’s our recommended plan of action:

  • Quickly respond to negative reviews. Build a good relationship with customers by showing them that you take their feedback seriously and want to make their experience better.
  • Identify your app’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn how people use your app, the features they need, and what they love most. You can also sort reviews according to how many people liked a review – so you’ll see how many users agree with a reviewer, even if they don’t leave their own review.
  • Build a more powerful product. Use the feedback as a starting point to improve your offering – add requested features, fix bugs, simplify by removing unnecessary features, and more.
How often should you check reviews?

We strongly recommend monitoring your reviews at least once a day, and responding to questions and negative reviews within 24 hours. Potential users may see negative reviews and decide not to use your app, but can change their mind if you give excellent support – so respond quickly and professionally! You’ll also show users that you take their feedback seriously.

We’ll make sure you never miss a review by sending an email notification to your support address each time a user posts a review.

Overloaded with emails? You can choose to only get emails for negative reviews, or opt out completely – go to the Reviews tab > Set Notifications.

Replying to Reviews

You can respond to your reviews from the Reviews tab:

This is a great opportunity for you to build trust in your app, as well as to establish a relationship with your users. Make it a point to respond to all questions and negative reviews – and even some of the good reviews.

Keep these points in mind when you reply:

  • Aim for short and sweet. Keep your response friendly, professional, and to the point. We feel silly even mentioning this, but don’t be offensive – this is a public page, so use common sense when you reply.
  • Put yourself in their shoes. We’ve all had experiences with products that didn’t work the way we wanted, so respond to frustrated customers with understanding (and don’t take their feedback as a personal attack).
  • Keep your users updated. Let them know when you plan to fix bugs or add features – you’ll increase retention by giving users a reason to believe in your app:
    • Handle any bugs immediately, and let users know when it’s fixed. If there are minor bugs that you aren’t fixing right away, you can reply now to let them know you’re on it, and then edit your review once it’s fixed.
    • If you’re planning a new feature that’s relevant to the review, let users know the timeline.
  • Get the information you need to resolve the issue. If you have any follow-up questions for users, continue the conversation over email or through your support page (include a link when you reply to the review). The reviews page just isn’t the right place for this – users can only post one review for your app, you can only reply once to each review, and your reply is deleted when users edit their response.
  • Try to improve your rating. If you’re able to resolve the user’s issue, ask them to rate your app again.
Note: When you reply to a review, we’ll automatically send the user an email with your response.
Asking for Reviews

When you solve a user’s issue or talk to a happy customer, ask them to rate your app. Give them a link to your app’s Reviews tab in the App Market. For example, here’s the link to the Reviews tab of the Wix Hotels app.

Reviews can help you get more users and conversions, and don’t forget – Wix promotes the best apps in our blogs, email marketing, and more.

Make it easy for users to review your app – open the Reviews tab directly from the App Settings panel (in the Support tab). Use the Wix.Settings.openReviewInfo SDK method.
Deleting Reviews

We monitor and delete only reviews that include spam or offensive content – if you feel we missed one, contact your account manager or post on our forum.

If you don’t agree with a user’s review, reply with a solution and then ask the user to rate your app again.

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