Dashboard SDK

The dashboard is the control center for Wix sites. It allows users to manage their sites' settings and business features. The dashboard also includes tools for such as analytics, eCommerce, and marketing. Third-party apps can create custom dashboard integrations, including pages and widgets, that are displayed in the dashboards of users who install those apps as iFrames embedded to the Dashboard.

The Dashboard SDK is a tool that allows the code in custom dashboard components to interact with other parts of the Wix dashboard. Using the SDK, developers can navigate users to pages in the dashboard, display modals, and send users alerts and updates using toasts. The SDK makes it simpler and easier to create custom experiences for users in their sites' dashboards.


In order to use the Dashboard API, install the @wix/dashboard package:

Install using npm

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npm install @wix/dashboard

Install using yarn

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yarn add @wix/dashboard

Next, create a client constant using the dashboard module:

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import { dashboard } from '@wix/dashboard';
import { createClient } from '@wix/sdk';
const client = createClient({
auth: dashboard.auth(),
modules: {

You may now use the client constant in order to interact with the dashboard. For example:

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client.dashboard.showToast({ message: 'Hello World' });

Contact Us

If you are using one of the legacy Wix SDKs and require a method that is not available in the Dashboard SDK, or alternatively if you would like to suggest a use case that fits the Dashboard SDK, please reach out to Dashboard SDK Support for assistance.

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