About the UI-lib

Using the old UI-lib? Contact your account manager to switch over to our new UI-lib. Learn more.

Our UI-lib has everything you need to create the App Settings panel for your site component:


  • A starter template for the panel – in React JSX, jQuery, and AngularJS
  • A collection of ready-made, beautiful UI controls (buttons, checkboxes, etc.)
  • Step-by-step guidelines that will show you how to design the panel


The goal is to make your app easy for users to set up – and that’s where the UI-lib comes in. It makes the user experience similar across apps and other Wix components, so users know what to expect.


We’ll check your App Settings panel carefully during the app review to make sure it’s aligned with our UI-lib guidelines.

Most of our UI controls are ready for you to use, but we have the designs for even more UI elements and controls that aren’t part of the UI-lib.
Need a UI control that we don’t have? Let us know!
Starter Template

Use our starter template to create your site component and App Settings panel.

This template already has our standard panel tabs for the settings panel (Main, Settings, Layout, Design, etc) and a few basic UI controls. 

Click through the tabs to see how it works:

Learn more about getting the starter template and the UI-lib dependencies.
Get Started

Here’s how to create the App Settings panel:

  1. Get to know our requirements. Read through our requirements for the settings panel. They’ll help you build the right panel for your Wix app, and you’ll also get an idea of what we’ll check during the app review.
  2. Design the panel according to our guidelines. Follow this guide – we’ll explain how to organize your settings into tabs, and introduce some of our UI controls. (You can see the full list of UI controls here.)
  3. Start developing! Once we approve your mockups, get our starter template and just customize it for your app – here’s how

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