Creating Your Mockups


Got your proposal approved? The next step is to work on mockups for your app.

An account manager will reach out to help you get started with creating full mockups that show how your app will look and behave in the Wix platform.

Once we approve your mockups, you’ll be able to start developing your app.

We’ll only accept your developed app for review if it works exactly as shown in your approved mockups – so don’t start development until we approve your mockups. You’ll save time during development and the app review – and we’ll be able to launch your app sooner.
Create Your Mockups

Create mockups to show us your app’s full flow inside Wix. We want to see your app’s entire experience: how Wix users will set up your app, how site visitors will use your app, etc.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a Wix site. Since the mockups will show your app in the Wix Editor/Dashboard, first create a Wix site. This makes it easy for you to take screenshots of our platform and use them in your mockups.
  2. Plan your app’s components.  Know which components will be the building blocks of your app.
  3. Create a presentation with mockups of your entire UI (PPT/X, PDF, or URL). You can use a mockup tool like Balsamiq or Axure. See the example below to get an idea of what we’re looking for.
    Get started with your mockups:

    1. Site components: There are two guides to follow here – one for the site component and one for its app settings panel.
    2. Dashboard component: Follow our Dashboard component guide.
  4. Let us know when your mockups are finalized. Reach out to your account manager and send your mockups. Make sure your mockups are complete before sending, with all use-cases defined.
Example mockups

Get an idea of what kind of mockups we’re looking for – scroll through through the example below.

Sign the Partner Agreement

Once you send us your mockups, sign our partner agreement.

If you already signed the partner agreement for another app, there’s no need to sign it again.
What’s Next?

Your account manager will get back to you with feedback within 10-15 business days. Here’s what to expect during our mockup review.

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