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Develop your apps for Wix: Reach real potential

220M users choose Wix, help them achieve their goals with your products.

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Reach in numbers

Grow your potential audience significantly

Building for Wix, by the numbers:


Total users


Your revenue share in year one



Wix Dev Center


Everything you need to launch

Set up seamlessly

Build and integrate at speed with our APIs, webhooks and technical documentation.

Explore expert information

Find guides that answer any queries you have about building apps on our platform.

We’re here for you

Reach out to our dedicated Support team who are ready to help if needed.

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Track results
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Understand your results at a glance

Gain valuable insights into your app’s performance that let you optimize for better outcomes. Plus, get a detailed overview of your sales and track your payments. 

“We’ve seen substantial user growth each month and received very positive feedback from our customers.”
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Stay up-to-date

Get the latest news, updates and a heads up on App Market events delivered straight to your inbox.

Your apps. Millions of users.

Endless possibilities.

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