Wix HeadlessBuild with any tech stack across multiple frontends. Leverage the proven power of Wix's business solutions to build what you want, the way you want to build it.
Take Advantage of Wix Business Solution APIs
Headless BookingsIntegrate flexible booking features based on location and availability, schedule or manage appointments, sync staff calendars, set up automated reminders and more.
Headless eCommerceManage orders, inventory, shipping and finance in one place. Sell on any platform with secure payments, optimized checkout, automated sales tax and more.
Headless CMSAccess, organize and manage data. Perform aggregations on data items, create indexes, connect external databases and more.
Headless EventsCreate and manage in-person or online events, sell tickets, manage guests, accept secure payments, send costume invites and more.
Headless Pricing PlansCreate and manage your plans and orders, build a customized membership plan experience, create member-only areas and offer exclusive access to services and content.
Start building your project todayWhether you want to build your project from scratch or you want a quick start with our pre-built templates ready to deploy, we’ve got you covered.
Get Started from Scratch
To get started, sign up, create a project with Wix and create an OAuth app. You can then install our SDK and start using our APIs.
Quick Start with our Next.js Templates
Kickstart your project's development using templates with buit-in APIs , ready to deploy on industry-leading platforms.
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