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    Utils.getViewMode( ) → String SDK 1.30.0+New EditorOld EditorLive SitePreviewWorker Returns a String which represents the current view mode.

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    trackEvent(eventName, params) SDK 1.93.0+Live SiteWidgetFixed-Position WidgetPageWorker Reports an event in the live site to the user’s analytics tool, like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics. Parameters: NameTypeDescriptioneventName (required)StringName of the...

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    ...ess, [onFailure]) SDK 1.61.0+New EditorWidgetFixed-Position WidgetPageSettings PanelModalPopupWorker (app scope only) Stores a key with a value. If the key already exists, the previous value is overwritten with the new value. If the key doesn’t exist yet, it’s created now. For example:...