Apps We’re Looking For


As we grow and launch more great apps, we’ve decided to focus only on apps that offer new or
game-changing functionality for our users.

We’re looking to integrate products that are already live with users and fit into one of the app categories below. Keep in mind that we only accept proposals for high-quality apps that we believe Wix users will love.

We want your app to be a success – so when we review your proposal, we’ll also look at similar apps coming up in the pipeline. We may reject your proposal if another company is already working on a similar app.

These categories will change as we get new apps and our user needs change. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about integrating your product with Wix.
Apps Categories to Look Into

Based on user requests, we’re currently looking for apps that fit into one of the categories below. Keep in mind that we only review proposals for apps that are already live products with existing users.


Travel apps can benefit users in the travel industry, like travel agents or tour companies. These apps make it easy to organize and book travel.

For example, a flight comparison app can boost a travel agent’s sales by helping visitors find great fares.


Wedding apps can make it easier for event planners and couples to plan a wedding.

For example, a gift-registry app can help guests get a gift that the happy couple will love.

Innovative Tech

Innovative apps bring game-changing functionality to our users.

These apps make it possible for users to do more with their site, or use groundbreaking technology that changes how users will manage or promote their business in the future.

Categories to Avoid

Keep in mind that we’re not accepting any more of the following apps – we’ve already got these categories covered:

    • SEO
    • Galleries
    • Form builders
    • Events and appointments (calendars, registration, booking, etc)
    • Welcome bars/pop-ups
    • Social feeds and commenting
    • Manual chat solutions
    • Counters (visitor/event counters, countdown clocks, timers)
    • Email marketing
What’s Next?

Have an existing product you want to integrate with us? Learn more about our launch process, then submit a proposal to share your product with us.

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