Manage Your Live App

Now that your app is live in the Wix App market, here’s a brief look into what’s next for your app.

We’ll introduce you

We’ll feature your app in the App Market’s “New” category – one of the most frequently viewed categories. We only show a few apps on this page at any given time, so the focus will be on your app!

Start earning revenue

As users start adding and upgrading your app, we’ll pay you according to the partner agreement.

Promote your app

It’s time for you to show off your hard work! Your app has a public link in the App Market, so you can promote your app. You can use our ready-made “Available in the Wix App Market” badges.

Get promoted by Wix

We promote the best apps (performance based) in the Wix news feed, blog, email marketing, and more. Now how’s that for motivation to make your app the best it can be?

See how your app is doing

You can monitor your app’s stats from the Dev Center- number of installations, number of removals, number of upgrades, and more.

Reply to user feedback

You’ll be able to see and respond to your app’s user reviews. Don’t skimp on this part of app maintenance – user reviews are a crucial factor in your app’s success, so read reviews regularly and respond to any negative ones.  Learn more>>

We make it easy for you to stay on top of reviews, even on the go – we’ll send you an email each time your app gets a review.

Deploy a new version of your app

Getting your app in the App Market isn’t the end of the road – you’ll want to update it with new features, bug fixes, and more. This is a great way to get more users and improve conversions!

The most important insight you’ll get about your app is from real users – so listen to what they’re saying and use it to transform your app. Learn more>>

Here’s how to replace your app’s current version in the App Market with the new version:

  • If you’re just fixing a bug – go ahead and update it on your side.
  • If you’re adding a new component or feature, or making any other change – reach out to your account manager. You’ll need to submit the new version for review. Once we approve it, we’ll update your app in the App Market.

Need a refresher about what to do before submitting your app? See our app submission checklist.

Updating the app’s price

Thinking about changing your app’s price? Speak to us before you decide – we know our app selection inside out, and we can offer insight on how this change will impact your app’s success relative to similar apps.

It’s important to keep in mind:

  • If you increased the price: The higher price is for new users only. Users who upgraded your app before the price changed will continue to pay the price they have been paying.
  • If you reduced the price: The lower price is for all users – including anyone that already has your app. We don’t notify existing users about this change, but they’ll see the new price in their account.

If you want to update your app’s price, contact your account manager. We’ll update our billing system and let you know when the new price is available for new users – this can take up to 7 business days.

Removing Your App

Contact your account manager if you want us to remove your app from the App Market.

As stated in the partner agreement, you’ll need to support your app and users for a grace period of 90 days from the moment we acknowledge your request.

Here’s what happens next:

  • You’ll support the app and answer questions from users for 90 days.
  • We’ll remove the app from the App Market so new users can’t add it.
  • We’ll let your users know that the app will no longer be available, and give them an alternative solution.

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