Testing Guide


Before you submit your app for review, you must thoroughly test your app.

What to test:

  • How your app integrates with Wix – We outlined what you need to test in our testing plans – follow the right testing plan for your app.
  • Your app’s features, functionality, settings, etc – Check every action a user/site visitor can take in your app.
  • Your app’s performance in the required platforms – Check that your app works well and supports the required browsers and devices.
During the app review, we’ll let you know if we find the occasional bug – but if we see that your app wasn’t tested, we’ll stop the review and ask you to test your app first.  If we keep finding issues even after a few back-and-forth cycles, we’ll need to reject your app.
Supported Platforms

Supported Browsers

Test your app in these browsers:

  • Chrome (latest version)

  • FireFox (latest version) on Windows 10

  • Safari (latest version) on Mac

  • Edge on Windows 10
  • (Dashboard components only) Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10

Live Site: Supported Devices & Browsers

When testing your Site component in the live site, also check these devices/browsers (in addition to the list above):

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10
  • iPad with Safari
  • Android tablet with Chrome
  • iPhone with latest iOS and Safari
  • Android device with Android 7.0 (or later) & the latest stable version of Chrome
Testing Plans

We created detailed testing plans so that you can easily test your app’s integration with Wix. You’ll also need to check your app’s features and functionality.

How to test your app:

  1. Create two Wix sites under the same account – you’ll need both to test your app.
  2. Go to your app’s page in the Dev Center and click Test App.
  3. Select a site from the list. (If you have a Multicomponent app, you’ll need to choose whether to test your app in the Editor or Dashboard.) The Editor/Dashboard opens and you can find your app in the App Market, under the Developer Apps category.
  4. Download and follow the right testing plan(s) for your app. 
How to test premium features

Since your app’s recurring plans aren’t yet in our billing system, there’s a few extra steps to take before you can test premium features:

1. Take a sample JSON instance and replace the values with your app values.

2. Use Base64url to get an encoded_instance.

3. Sign it with your App Secret.

4. Construct the instance parameter: [digest].[encoded_instance].

5. Construct a URL to test your app.

6. Copy this URL to a new tab and check your premium app.

How to Test HTTPS
When testing your app in the live site or the Wix Editor, make sure it also works in HTTPS. Before you do, enable HTTPS for your testing site:

1. Open the Wix Editor on your testing site.

2. Turn on SSL for your site via the Site button in the Editor’s header as shown below:

3. Refresh the browser.

4. Open your app.

6. Test your app in the Wix Editor, mobile Editor, and the live site.

How to test your app as a contributor

Does your app have any sensitive information? You’ll want to make sure that only site owners can see it:

  1. Invite yourself to be a contributor, using a different email address than the one you use to log in to your Wix site.
  2. Accept the invitation (you’ll need to create another Wix account for the contributor).
  3. Test your app as each type of user – site owner and contributor.
How to test your Mobile Endpoint

You can test your mobile endpoint from your computer or mobile device. First, create a website that includes your app and publish it. You can then test your app in the published website.

To test from your desktop browser, add ?showMobileView=true as query parameters to your website URL.

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