The WixHive platform allows you to communicate with other apps installed on the website and to work as part of a full solution.

WixHive has two core objects, Contact and Activity, which are described below. All apps installed on the user’s site share Activities and Contacts, and WixHive enables these apps to communicate with each other to share object data.


A Contact is a person relevant to the user’s business, either a site visitor who has performed a meaningful interaction within the site or a person who has been added directly by the user.


An Activity is a visitor’s interaction with the site, such as filling out a contact form, making a purchase, or sharing a page from the site on social media. Activities are tracked by a visitor’s email, phone, or cookies. If a site visitor is a Contact, you will be able to link between the Contact and its Activities.

How Does it Work?

The WixHive collects information from the user’s website or business, including Contacts and Activities. This information is saved in the scope of a website, and every component installed in that website should report all data it collects. Using the information collected by the website, allows you to enhance your app capabilities.

The WixHive allows you to post and get Activities and Contacts information, accessible from the HTTP API and the JavaScript SDK.


Once we approve your mockups and you’re in the development stage, you can start implementing the WixHive.

Here’s how:

  1. Understand how to use the WixHive. Read more about our Contacts and Activities. We’ll explain how and when to use the SDK and HTTP API for WixHive requests.
  2. Let us know what you’re using the WixHive for. Request permissions to use the WixHive:
    1. In your app’s page in the Dev Center, go to the WixHive API tab.
      Note: You’ll only see this tab once your mockups were approved. You won’t see this tab in test apps or if you’re in the proposal/mockup review stages.
    2. Under Select WixHive Permissions, check the WixHive operations that are relevant for you app.  
    3. Explain how these operations are relevant for your app.
      Note: Before you submit your app, all methods are available for you to use – except for getContacts and getContactById. (If you need these two methods to test a feature in your app, let us know.) After you submit, we’ll review your WixHive permission request and approve the relevant permissions.
  3. Learn about signing your requestsThis is needed when sending requests via the HTTP API only.
  4. (Optional) You can get webhooks about new activities and contacts in the site. Register in the Dev Center to receive contact and activity webhooks

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