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About API Keys for admin access

Generate and use Wix API keys to grant access to your Wix account data and site data. With an API key, you can authorize a site or app to access and manage business data including orders, products, events, bookings, members, and more. Functions requiring API key access may involve administrative operations at the site or account level, such as creating or deleting members, managing orders for any site visitor, or creating a product.

API keys are created and managed in the API Keys Manager where you can assign a custom set of permissions that determine the types of APIs each key can access. A client with API key authorization can call these functions if its API key includes the appropriate permissions. You can create more than one API key, each with different permissions, to use in different circumstances.

Note: API keys don't provide access to data for a logged-in member or anonymous visitor. For this, use an OAuth app.

Generate an API Key

Generate an API key in the API Keys Manager to enable an authorized external client to access and manage data belonging to your Wix account, its projects and sites. You can assign a set of permissions that determine the types of APIs each key can access.

Note: Make sure to store your API keys securely and use them only in server-side code.

Retrieve a Site ID or Account ID

When using an API Key authentication strategy you need to provide either a Site ID, your Account ID, or both.

  • You can extract a Site ID from the URL in your browser when accessing the project or site dashboard. The site ID appears after /dashboard/ in the URL.
  • You can retrieve your Account ID from the API Keys Manager in your account settings.
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