About Wix Headless

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Wix Headless enables you to take advantage of Wix's business management platform from any app or site you create, on any platform.

About Headless

Wix's business platform provides advanced functionality for managing and operating a business. The business management platform offers solutions for managing bookings, events, payments, eCommerce, loyalty programs, and more. Wix Headless makes this platform available independently and flexibly, with or without a Wix site.

With Wix Headless, you can use APIs to access and manage business data in Wix's platform, giving you the flexibility to implement sites or applications on the platforms of your choice.

Uses for Headless

Use Wix Headless to:

  • Take advantage of the advanced functionality of the Wix business platform, even if your site or app is not on Wix. Wix offers an all-in-one solution, so you can integrate a variety of business services using just one platform.
  • Maximize the ways customers can interact with your business, by connecting multiple clients to a single Wix project. For example, multiple websites, a mobile app, and a smartwatch app can all share the same business data.
  • Connect additional sites or apps to an existing project on Wix, even if you already have an operational Wix site. Wix Headless is built on Wix's existing infrastructure, so you can take advantage of its functionality without starting from scratch. Keep your existing site and add new sites or apps that access and service the same business.

Headless pricing

While you can start using Wix Headless for free, upgrading to a Premium Plan will unlock many additional benefits which are essential to the operation of your business. These include receiving payments, accessing in-depth analytics, connecting a custom domain, and enjoying other advanced features. To make the most of your experience, consider upgrading to a Premium Plan when you're ready to explore these expanded capabilities.

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