Manage URLs Overview

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Depending on how you have set up your site or app when working on a Headless project, you may need to set some or all of the URLs listed below.

  • General URLs:

    • Frontend Link: Wix offers powerful solutions for communicating with your customers via marketing emails and automated email notifications. These emails typically include a link to your site. This is known as a custom frontend link.
  • URLs for Wix-managed pages:

    • Wix Pages Domain: The domain of the checkout and login pages when using a Wix-managed login and checkout.
    • Allow Redirect Domains: Domains that Wix is allowed to redirect visitors back to when they complete a Wix-managed process such as login or checkout.
  • Login URLs:

    • When using a Wix-managed login:

      Allow Authorization Redirect URIs: URIs that Wix can redirect members back to after they complete the authorization process.

    • When using a custom login:

      Login URL: URL of your custom login interface, if you have developed one.

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