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Generate a test token to explore our APIs


Tutorial: Create Your First Wix App

In this tutorial we review how to create a Wix application that interacts with the Wix platform and you can submit to the Wix App Market, where Wix site owners can deploy it on their sites.

Step 1: Set Up Your App in a Wix Developers Account

  1. Log in (or sign up) to Wix Developers.
  2. Click Create New App.
  3. Go to Workspace > OAuth and copy your App ID and App Secret Key - you'll need them later. oaurg

Step 2: Set Up Your App to Receive Inbound HTTPS Connections

Since most developers machines are not open for inbound connection and don't have HTTPS certificates, we will describe the process using ngrok.
(If you are hosting your application on a server without these restrictions, you can skip this step.)

  1. Install and run ngrok.
  2. Start an HTTP tunnel on the port your app is listening on (default is 3000). You should get something like this:
    ngrok screen
  3. Make note of the forwarding URL - you'll need it later.

Don't close the ngrok process - You will need it running for the entire process.

Step 3: Enter Your App URLs in the Wix Developers Center

  1. Go to Workspace > OAuth:
    a. In Redirect URL enter: https://<NGROK_STRING>
    b. In App URL enter: https://<NGROK_STRING>
    update application urls

    Remember to replace with the string from the forwarding URL in step 2 ('18ab6468' in the example above).

  2. Click Save.

Step 4: Register For a Webhook

  1. Go to Workspace > Webhooks and click + Add Webhook.
  2. Select the App Management webhook category and the APP INSTALLED event.
    New webhook

  3. Set up the webhook callback URL to https://<12345678>
    webhook url

Remember to replace '12345678' with your ngrok string from step 2.

  1. Click Save. Now you should see your Public key on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Copy your Public key - you'll need it later. public key

Step 5: Create and Run Your App

  1. Download and install npm.
  2. Clone the Wix Sample Application to your machine.
  3. Go to src > config.js:
    a. Find and replace the APP_ID with the value you copied from Wix Developers:
    Change app id b. Find and replace the PUBLIC_KEY with the value you copied from Wix Developers: Change public key

  4. Go to src > credentials.js: a. Find and replace the APP_SECRET with the value you copied from Wix Developers: Change app secret

  5. Run your app:
    a. Browse to the cloned sample application.
    b. Run npm install.
    c. Run npm build.
    d. Run npm start.
    You should get something like this:

Well done! Now it's time to make sure your app works as expected.

Step 6: Test Your App

  1. In the Wix Developers Center Workspace, click Test Your App.
    test your app

  2. Select a site and click Test Your App.
    site selector

  3. When prompted, click Add To Site.
    site selector

  4. Provide consent for the app to collect data by clicking Allow and Install.
    site selector

  5. You should get a print into the browser with your application ID and your site instance ID.
    site selector

Congrats, you're done!

Now you can add your app logic and other WIX APIs to your app.

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