The Wix REST API enables HTTP-based access to Wix business solutions and site data. For example, you can interact with the Wix Stores product catalog and handle site orders.
This documentation includes:

Where the REST API can be used

  • Wix Headless: Take advantage of Wix's backend functionality and business management platform from any app or site you create, on any platform.
  • Wix Apps: Develop apps that can be installed on Wix sites.

What is included in the REST API


This documentation includes webhooks. Wix Apps can subscribe to these webhooks to respond to particular app and site events. For more information, see About Webhooks.

Authentication strategies

  • OAuth: For user-level API calls and Wix Apps. Read More.
  • API Key: For site-level and account-level API calls in a secure environment. Read More.

Learn how to build with the REST API

Build Wix Apps
Develop an app for Wix's App Market, enabling users to extend their site's functionality.
Create Headless Experiences
Integrate Wix's powerful business solutions with your own frontend using any tech stack.

Writing JavaScript code? Check out our JavaScript API as an alternative to using the REST API.

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