About the Resellers API

With the Resellers API, strategic partners can offer paid Wix services to their customers. You can contact the Wix B2B sales team at bizdev@wix.com to find out how to become a reseller and which services you could offer to your customers. Resellers are responsible for the complete purchase flow, including checkout experience, payment, and post-purchase management. The Wix services can be offered both as part of a do-it-yourself (DIY) or do-it-for-me (DIFM) flow, as described below. Resold Wix services are available to the customer until the reseller actively cancels them.

The Resellers API allows you to:

  • Create, retrieve, and cancel packages of paid Wix services.
  • Manage product instances that are part of a package.

Learn more about the Domain Search, Registered Domains and Domain Connections API to offer domains to your customers.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • The Resellers API is accessible via API keys. You can't access this API with a standard Auth header. We recommend authenticating calls with an API key for your main account instead of using a key for the relevant sub-account. But the responses to calls remain consistent across API keys, provided you have the necessary permissions.
  • Only selected strategic partners are allowed to resell Wix services. Contact the Wix B2B sales team, if you’d like to become a reseller.
  • Not all Wix services can be resold. Contact the Wix B2B sales team to learn more about which services you can resell.
  • Most resold Wix services don't have an expiration date. They're available to the customer until the reseller actively cancels them. Domains are an exception, since they're purchased by Wix, the reseller, or the customer through an external registrar. Resellers must actively extend access to domains. Currently, this isn't possible via APIs.
  • Some paid Wix services or products can't be resold to customers who don't have already access to another product. For example, you can resell domains only to Wix sites that have an active Premium plan. You must create a package containing the essential product first, before you can create a second package with the additional product.
  • When Wix customers purchase specific paid services or products, Wix may offer them time-limited free access to a different paid service or product. For example, customers get a voucher for a free 1-year domain registration when purchasing any Wix Premium plan. Resellers can also offer their customers the additional, associated product. To do so, create a package containing the original product first. Then, create a second package with the additional product. In this second Create Package call, pass the instance ID of the original product as referenceProductInstanceId. This way, Wix doesn't charge you for the additional product.
  • Currently, there are no webhooks available for the Resellers API.

Use Cases


  • Reseller: Strategic partner that offers Wix services to their customers.
  • Customer: Site owner who has purchased access to the Wix platform through a reseller.
  • DIY: Do-it-yourself business model. The customer actively builds and manages their site in the Wix platform.
  • DIFM: Do-it-for-me business model. Only employees or agents of the reseller have access to the Wix account.
  • Package: Group of product instances that the reseller offers to a customer as part of a single transaction.
  • Product Instance: Specific instance of a paid service or product that a reseller provisions to one of their customers.
  • Reference product instance: Product instance that you can use to offer your customers time-limited free access to an additional product or service. Not all products can be used as reference products. You can use each product instance only once as reference product instance.
  • Floating: A product instance that hasn't been assigned to a Wix site, but only a Wix account. Customers don't have access to floating instances, they or the reseller must assign the instance to a site before it can be used.
  • Service Type: Wix service types are groups of related services. For example, the service type Premium Plans includes both the Website Plan and Business & eCommerce Plan services.
  • Feature: Most granular capability or benefit that comes with a Wix service.
  • Adjust: Resellers can up- or downgrade a product instance that they're offering to a customer. For example, you could upgrade a Business Basic plan to Business Unlimited.
  • Voucher: Time-limited benefit for non-Wix products that comes with some Wix services.
  • Site ID: Unique identifier of a Wix site. See the Sites API for more details.
  • Account: Wix account that includes access to associated sites.
    • Team account: Account type that supports collaborative work by having multiple sets of login credentials. This is especially helpful for agencies and resellers when managing a large number of customer sites. In Wix Studio team accounts are called workspaces. An agency may have multiple workspaces in Wix Studio, while in Wix Editor they're limited to a single team account.
    • Sub-account: Account that's contained within another account, forming a hierarchical structure. The owners of the sub-account are only able to interact with sites that belong to the sub-account. This setup is particularly useful for agencies and resellers since it limits client access to relevant sites only.

Note: Contact the Wix B2B sales team at bizdev@wix.com about how to become a reseller and which Wix services you could offer to your customers.

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