1. REST
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Wix Bookings Sample App

We have created a sample app for you to use for the Wix Bookings REST API.

It enables you to:

  • View all bookings in a list format (instead of calendar)
  • Filter the view by date and/or status
  • Update attendance and payments directly from this list.

To run the app on your site, clone the the repository and add it to your developer's center as explained here.

API Endpoints used in the Sample App

The app uses the following APIs:

  1. List Services
  2. List Resources
  3. Bookings Reader List
  4. Calendar List Slots
  5. Mark as Paid (Coming soon!)
  6. Reschedule Booking
  7. Confirm Booking
  8. Decline Booking
  9. Set Attendance
  10. Update Session

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