Check out what’s new and improved in our JS SDK, HTTP API, and UI-lib. Note that WixHive updates impact both the SDK and the HTTP API.

Keep in mind that from time to time we’ll also have breaking changes (we do our best to limit them). You’ll see breaking changes in your Wix Developers News Feed.

How it Works

So what does each change mean for your app? Here’s a quick explanation of the the kind of changes we might make:

New: A new feature in our SDK, API, or UI-lib – like a new SDK function, a new API endpoint, or a new UI control – or a new capability in an existing feature. Check out what’s new and see how it can boost your app!

Breaking: A major change that might cause errors in your code – like a deprecated function or a new required field in an API endpoint.

Minor: A small change to an SDK function, API endpoint, or the UI-lib. Feel free to check it out, but it won’t have a significant impact on your app.

July 29, 2020

SDK 1.537.0

New: We added new functionality to support access to cookie policies for worker components.

April 5, 2020

SDK 1.425.0

Breaking: We made a change to support Editor X.

New: We added new functionality to support a future cookie policy.

January 31, 2019

SDK 1.109.0

New: We released a new package picker.

October 7, 2018

SDK 1.102.0

New: You can specify a function to run once the Editor/live site DOM is loaded. Use Wix.onReady.

May 13, 2018

SDK (all versions)

The following update is available in all SDK versions.

Minor: The getSiteInfo method now returns an additional property – pageTitleOnly. For more details, check out Wix.getSiteInfo, Wix.Settings.getSiteInfo, and Wix.Worker.getSiteInfo.

April 17, 2018

SDK 1.96.0

New: We released a few accessibility updates, so make sure your app is updated to use the latest SDK version.

New: Wix.revalidateSession now works in the live site as well. To use this method in the live site, make sure to also listen for the INSTANCE_CHANGED event in Wix.addEventListener and Wix.Worker.addEventListener.

Minor: We added a new event to Wix.addEventListener and Wix.Worker.addEventListener: INSTANCE_CHANGED.

March 13, 2018

SDK 1.95.0

Minor: There are 3 new optional params in Wix.Utils.navigateToSection: queryParams, noTransition, and shouldRefreshIframe. Use these parameters to add query parameters to the page URL, indicate if there should be a transition when navigating to the page, and indicate if the iframe should be refreshed.

January 31, 2018

SDK 1.94.0

Minor: Using Wix.navigateTo? Since this method can’t open the link in the current window (_self) when the user is in preview, we now send an error code so that you can display a message for users (e.g., “This link will work on your Published site.”)

January 17, 2018

SDK 1.93.0

New: You can report events to the user’s Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or other analytics tool. Use Wix.Analytics.trackEvent.

Breaking: We are deprecating Wix.Analytics.reportCampaignEvent. Use Wix.Analytics.trackEvent instead.

January 3, 2018

SDK 1.92.0

Minor: When allowing users to add another page component from your settings panel, you can set this new page to be hidden by default. Use the isHidden parameter in Wix.Settings.addComponent.

December 31, 2017

SDK 1.91.0

New: Get the info needed to navigate to a regular or dynamic page (e.g., a page created with Wix Code or a data binding app). Use Wix.getCurrentPageNavigationInfo.

November 16, 2017

SDK 1.89.0

New: You can check if the user added one of your app’s hidden or custom pages (like a thank you or checkout page). Use Wix.isAppSectionInstalled or Wix.Worker.isAppSectionInstalled.

Minor: Wix.scrollTo now supports scrolling with an animation. Use the scrollAnimation param (inside the options object).

Minor: An event is issued when site members change their personal details – listen for the MEMBER_DETAILS_UPDATED event in the Wix.addEventListener and Wix.Worker.addEventListener methods.

August 9, 2017

SDK 1.87.0

New: Have a worker component? You can check if another one of your apps is installed in a Wix site. Use Wix.Worker.isApplicationInstalled.

New: Need to manually inject visual focus? First check if the user enabled visual focus for the live site – use Wix.isVisualFocusEnabled.

July 27, 2017

SDK 1.86.0

New: You can check if another one of your apps is installed in a Wix site. Use Wix.isApplicationInstalled.

New: You can get the id of the current page, from your settings panel. Use Wix.Settings.getCurrentPageId.

July 11, 2017

SDK 1.84.0

New: This version has an important accessibility update. We now inject visual focus properties into your app, so that the focus indicators are consistent with the rest of the user’s site. Learn more about how to make your app accessible.

June 20, 2017

SDK 1.83.0

New: You can now check if another one of your apps is installed in a Wix site. Use Wix.Settings.isApplicationInstalled.

Minor: When using Wix.Settings.closeWindow, you can now choose which endpoint to close – the settings panel, settings modal, or both. Use the target parameter.

Minor: We’ve removed the overrideTitle parameter from Wix.setPageMetadata. This isn’t a breaking change, but note that we’re no longer using this parameter and will ignore the value.

Minor: When using Wix.Utils.navigateToSection, you can now navigate to a page component in a different app. Use the appDefinitionId parameter.

April 4, 2017

SDK 1.81.0

We’re deprecating Wix.getSitePages, Wix.Settings.getSitePages, and Wix.Worker.getSitePages.

Breaking: Use Wix.getSiteMap, Wix.Settings.getSiteMap, and Wix.Worker.getSiteMap instead.

New: Get the site structure of the user’s live site. Use Wix.getSiteMap, Wix.Settings.getSiteMap, or Wix.Worker.getSiteMap, depending on the endpoint.

New: Open the Editor’s link settings panel directly from your app so that users can add links to images, text, etc. Use Wix.Settings.openLinkPanel.

New: Navigate to a page or link object received from Wix.Settings.openLinkPanel or one of the getSiteMap methods listed above. Use Wix.navigateTo.

Minor: There’s a new parameter in the Wix.Settings.setFullWidth method: margins. If you set your component to full width, you can now specify margins on the left and right sides.

February 27, 2017

SDK 1.77.0

New: Wix.getAdsOnPage returns the width and height of Wix ads on the live site. Use this method to check for Wix ads, and to help you position your app on sites with Wix ads.


Breaking: The event-update activity is now deprecated. Use the new RSVP activity instead.

Minor: There’s a new activity for restaurant orders. Use the order activity to get and post information about orders placed in a restaurant’s website.

February 7, 2017

SDK 1.76.0

Minor: Offering in-app purchases in your site app? You can now limit your package to a specific currency – use the currency parameter in Wix.Billing.getProducts. (This isn’t available yet for dashboard apps – stay tuned!)

Minor: Now you can know when the user presses and releases these keys on the keyboard: left/right arrows, esc, enter, and the spacebar. Listen for the KEY_DOWN and KEY_UP events in the Wix.addEventListener method.

January 19, 2017

SDK 1.75.0

New: Safety first! Before you perform any sensitive action in your app’s site component – or display sensitive information – verify that the user’s session is secure. Use Wix.revalidateSession.

Minor: Now you can know when the site’s title or description changes – listen for the SITE_METADATA_CHANGED event in the Wix.addEventListener method.

January 4, 2017

SDK 1.74.0

New: Update for multicomponent apps: You can now check if one of your app’s components is installed in the user’s site – use the Wix.Settings.isComponentInstalled method.

New: Have a dashboard component? You can now get the base URL of the user’s live site – use Wix.Dashboard.getSiteViewUrl.

New: Does your app require site visitors to log in? You can now make it easier for users to set up Wix’s site members component. In your App Settings panel, just link to the component’s settings – use the Wix.Settings.openSiteMembersSettingsDialog method.

New: If you’ve been wanting to use Facebook’s pixel tools in your app, now you can! Check out Wix.Analytics.

Minor: Have a page app? You can now customize the full title of your app’s internal pages. For example, you can set it to be “Page Title | Site Name”. Use the overrideTitle parameter in the Wix.setPageMetadata method.

Minor: If you’re using Wix.Data.Public methods to store your app’s public data, you can now get an event when users change app data – listen for the PUBLIC_DATA_CHANGED event in the Wix.addEventListener method.

UI-lib 1.26.0

Minor: This version has a few minor updates and bug fixes.

December 8, 2016

SDK 1.72.0

New: You can now offer in-app purchases (in beta) for your dashboard app, too. Use the Wix.Dashboard.getProductsSDK to display the right packages.


Minor: We’re no longer maintaining the Teaser Popup UI control. After running some A/B tests, we’ve seen that it doesn’t improve conversion and engagement.
Already using this UI control? You can decide whether to keep it or remove it from your app, but keep in mind that we won’t be testing this UI control when we release future versions of the UI-lib.

November 28, 2016

SDK 1.69.0

New: You can now offer in-app purchases (in beta). Use Wix.Billing,getProducts to display the right packages.

New: Have a page component? Use Wix.getStateUrl and Wix.Settings.getStateUrl to get the full URLs of your app’s internal pages in the live site.

New: If your app requires site visitors to log into the site, this update is for you! We’ve added two parameters to the Wix.requestLogin method:

  • An onFailure callback function – so you can define the app behavior in case the site visitor doesn’t log in.
  • A language parameter, so that the sign-up/log-in dialog box is displayed in the right language.


New: You can now offer in-app purchases (in beta). Use the GET /premium/oneTimePurchases endpoint to check the user’s purchase history.

November 16, 2016

SDK 1.68.0

New: You can now navigate to an anchor in the live site. Use the Wix.navigateToPage method and make sure to specify both the pageId and the anchorId.

New: Do site visitors need to log in as members of the site to use your app? When using the Wix.requestLogin method, you can now choose which modal opens by default when a site member clicks login – the login page or the signup page. Enter the right value in the mode parameter.

Minor: We removed the summary parameter from the postActivity method.

UI-lib 1.23.0

New: We added the Thumbnails UI control. Check it out and see if you can use it in your app!

Breaking: We updated our UI-lib dependencies in this version, so make sure to update these dependencies when you update your app to the new UI-lib version – jQuery 3.1.1 and lodash 4.17.2.

New: In the Teaser Popup UI control, we added an onClose function for jQuery.

October 25, 2016

UI-lib 1.20.0

New: You can now let users know when they skipped an important step. We added a notification alert you can display in the Main tab – use the showTabNotification function in the Panel Tabs UI control.

New: We added a new class to the Buttons UI control – btn-nav. Use it when adding a new action link to your panel’s navigation menu, like “Add-ons”.

New: We added new classes to the Buttons UI control – btn-upgrade-banner and btn-upgrade-link.

New: We added a new icon option in the Symbols UI control – premiumBanner.

New: In the Text Input UI control, we added an option to call the validator function on blur and onChange. Use the validateOnBlur property.

New: We added an async validator function to the Text Input with Button.

September 26, 2016

SDK 1.67.0

New: Apps with a page component: Improve SEO for your users – set the page title and description for your app’s internal pages so that search engines can display the right information in search results. Use the setPageMetadata method.

New: Do site visitors log in as members of the Wix site to use your app? Use the logOutCurrentMember method to allow site members to log out.

September 20, 2016


New: The SEND_MESSAGE activity is deprecated. Use the new IM activity instead.

September 5, 2016


New: We’re excited to introduce our brand-new UI-lib! The new UI Lib offers an amazing set of tools (including a new design for the App settings), making it easier than ever for you to get your Wix Apps looking just right and boost their performance. How to get started:

Get to know the UI Lib and start planning your new design.

Breaking: Using our previous UI-lib? We deprecated the previous UI-lib, so it’s time to start transitioning your app to use our new UI-lib. We understand that you need time to update your app, so we’re going to support the previous UI-lib until December 31st.
Let us know if you have any questions about how to implement the new UI-lib.

August 23, 2016

SDK 1.66.0

New: We introduced an important feature for users – they can now upload their own fonts to Wix. All you need to do is update your app to use the latest SDK version – then users will be able to use these fonts in your app.

Minor: Make it easier for users to set up your app’s add-ons: We’ve updated the addComponent method so that you can now install your app’s add-ons with the same style as another component in your app.

July 20, 2016


New: The CONTACT_CONTACT_FORM activity is deprecated. Use the updated contact-form activity or our new form activity (for other types of forms), instead.

New: The CONTACT_SUBSCRIPTION_FORM activity is now deprecated. Use the updated subscription-form activity instead.

June 23, 2016

SDK 1.65.0

Breaking: We’ve deprecated the bareUI parameter in the Wix.Settings.openModal method, which means that this modal now has the Wix style – a header, close button, border, shadow, etc. Here’s what to do if you’re using bareUI.

New: Make it easy for users to rate your app – open the Reviews tab directly from the settings panel. Use Wix.Settings.openReviewInfo.

New: You can easily get the style parameters we’ve stored for your component – colors, fonts, booleans, and numbers. We store these parameters under a styleId – so first use Wix.Styles.getStyleId to get this styleId, and then use Wix.Styles.getStyleParamsByStyleId to get the component’s style parameters.

New: Your site component just got even bigger! Now that Wix allows users to stretch site components to the full width of the browser, you can offer this as an option in your settings panel – use Wix.Settings.setFullWidth.

New: Check if a user set your component to full width – use Wix.Settings.isFullWidth.

New: Page apps: when changing the URL state, you can replace it in the history stack instead of pushing the new URL state. Use Wix.replaceSectionState.

May 2, 2016

SDK 1.64.0

New: Get information about your app’s component within a specific site – use the getComponentInfo method.

February 29, 2016

SDK 1.62.0

Minor: Now you can know when users save their site – listen for the SITE_SAVED event
in the Wix.addEventListener method.

New: Get a list of anchors for a specific page – use the Wix.getCurrentPageAnchors method. In the settings endpoint, use Wix.Settings.getCurrentPageAnchors.

New: Direct site visitors to an anchor within a specific page – use the Wix.navigateToAnchor method.

Breaking: The Wix.Data.Public.getMulti method is deprecated, so remove it from your app if you’re using it.

November 18, 2015

SDK 1.61.0

Breaking: We changed a property name in the EVENTS_EVENT_UPDATE activity – attendees is now invitees. This change affects the event-update activity, whether you are using the SDK or the HTTP API to implement it.

New: Small apps can now store public data – like text that a user customized – in the site’s HTML document. Check out Wix.Data.Public.

New: New activity types in Wix.Activities.postActivity – EVENTS_EVENT_UPDATE, SOCIAL_COMMENT, SOCIAL_SHARE_URL and SOCIAL_TRACK.


Breaking: We changed a property name in the event-update activity – attendees is now invitees.

New: Calling all social apps! With our new social activity, you can receive and post events related to social actions in the Wix site – for example, when a site visitor comments on the site, likes an Instagram photo, or posts a comment through Facebook.

November 16, 2015


Minor: The storeId property in the eCommerce activity now also supports strings (before, it only accepted integer values). If you’re already using this activity, no need to change anything – the schema supports both string and integer data types.

August 27, 2015

SDK 1.52.0

New: Safety first! Before you perform any sensitive action in your dashboard component – or display sensitive information – verify that the user’s session is secure. Use Wix.Dashboard.revalidateSession.

New: Receive the site owner’s ID with Wix.Utils.getSiteOwnerId.

August 19, 2015

SDK 1.50.0

New: Dynamically resize your app so that it looks great with the settings Wix users chose – see Wix.resizeComponent.

Minor: When changing your app’s height using Wix.setHeight, you can now display your app over other components in the page.

August 5, 2015

SDK 1.47.0

New: Safety first! Before you perform any sensitive action in your App Settings panel – or display sensitive information – verify that the user’s session is secure. Use Wix.Settings.revalidateSession.

New: Direct site visitors to another component of your app, on the same page or a different one – see Wix.navigateToComponent.

July 21, 2015

SDK 1.46.0

Breaking: Wix.scrollBy and Wix.scrollTo functions are now only available in preview and viewer mode (not in editor mode).

June 15, 2015

SDK 1.45.0

New: We introduced a new Wix Editor, and most new functions from now on are supported only in the new Editor. This means you’ll need to detect the user’s editor version with Wix.Features.isSupported, and add a fallback option for the previous editor. Learn how.

New: Send Wix users directly from their site’s preview mode to the app’s settings panel – see Wix.Preview.openSettingsDialog.

New: Allow users to add other components of your app from the settings panel – see Wix.Settings.addComponent.

New: Dynamically resize your app so that it looks great with the settings Wix users chose – see Wix.Settings.resizeComponent.

Minor: Know when users switch between the desktop and mobile editor by listening for the DEVICE_TYPE_CHANGED event – see Wix.addEventListener.



New: The eCommerce activity has four new activity types – cart-add, cart-remove, cart-checkout, and cart-abandon. This is relevant for eCommerce and other apps that allow site visitors to purchase items.

New: The Shipping activity has two new activity types – Shipped and Delivered. This is relevant for eCommerce and other apps that offer shipping and delivery services.

New: The Events activity – a new activity that’s relevant for apps that can use or share information about organized events created by Wix users (like a conference, webinar, or party).

New: The Scheduler activity has two new activity types – Cancel and Confirmation. This is relevant for booking and other apps that schedule appointments and other reservations.

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