Velo: About Logs (formerly Site Monitoring)

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Note: This video and its steps are based on a Wix Editor site. You can adapt the steps for a Wix Studio site by using the equivalent Wix Studio features.

Velo's site logs feature lets you gather information about Wix site events, such as console logs, HTTP functions, and web module functions. You can examine live site events in real-time, or connect site events to an external monitoring tool to generate event metrics and perform error log analysis.

How It Works

Velo's site logs tool records Wix site events as log entries. Each log entry is a JSON object representing a single site event. For a detailed description of the JSON representation of a log entry, click here.

Viewing Site Events

Velo's site logs feature lets you investigate your site events in 3 ways:

  • View live site events in real time: You can quickly scan basic site event information or view the JSON object representing each event. Events are loaded as they occur. Learn more.
  • Connect to Google Operations: You can easily connect your Wix site events to Google's external monitoring tool. Operations performs log analysis and generates visual depictions of site event data, allowing you to extract meaningful insights from your site events. Learn more.
  • Connect to an external monitoring tool: You can connect your Wix site events to a monitoring tool of your choice to generate metrics and analyze logs. Learn more.  

Log Types

Velo records log entries for the following site events:

  • User-generated console object functions in the backend and frontend. Example: ).
  • Backend errors.
  • Unexpected errors in the frontend.


  • Error log entries include a stack trace.
  • Currently, you cannot add content to log entries. All log entry data is generated by Velo.
  • Log entries are generated for events that occur both in preview mode and for your published site. Use the log entry labels.viewMode field to differentiate between events that occur in each mode.
  • Verbose logging is only supported for routers.

Site Revisions

You can use the site logs feature together with your Site History and the Release Manager to compare, debug, and analyze different revisions of your site. Each time you manually save or publish your site following a change, a new revision is created. The revisions are stored in Site History, and you can create a test site for a revision in the Release Manager.

You can get the site revision ID for each site revision using the wix-site-frontend revision API. Then you can use the labels.revision field in a site event's JSON representation to identify for which revision a site event occurred. This allows you to compare metrics for different revisions of your site or debug errors in new revisions.

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