Velo: Viewing Live Site Events

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Velo's site logs (formerly Site Monitoring) feature includes the option to view site events in real-time. Tracking logs and errors as they are reported lets you gain immediate insight into site events.

How It Works

Velo site logging records each site event as a log entry. A log entry is a JSON object representing a site event. 

In the Site Events window, you can view basic log entry information for each event. You can also access the JSON object that represents each log entry. Site events are streamed to your Site Events window as they occur.

To view live site events:

  1. Enable code:

    • Wix Studio: If necessary, click and then Start Coding.
    • Wix Editor: Turn on Velo Dev Mode for your site.
  2. Select Developer Tools in the dashboard. 

  3. Under the Logs section, select View site events

  4. To generate a site event, preview or publish your site and trigger an event. For example, if you have a console log that runs when a button is clicked, click the button. You should see the site event in your window.

You can also access Site Events from Preview mode in the Wix Editor. When in Preview mode, click Live Site Logs in the Developer Console.


  • To view logs, reload the Site Events window.
  • You can view a list of actions that trigger site events here.

Tip: If you don't see the live event stream in your window, refresh your site while the Site Events window is open in another tab.

Each site event in the window includes the following fields:

  • Time: receiveTimestamp of the site event. Time the log entry was received by site logs.
  • Message: jsonPayload.message of the site event. Payload message of the log entry in JSON format.
  • Level: severity of the site event: INFO, WARNING, or ERROR.


You can view the JSON object representing the log entry for each site event by clicking the event in the table. To hide the JSON object, click the event again.

Manage Live Events

You can also do the following in the Site Events window:

Pause live event streaming

To temporarily pause live event streaming, click Pause.

Continue live event streaming

To continue live event streaming after it was paused, click Play.

Clear live event list

To remove all site events from the window, click Clear.


  • To learn how to trigger a site event if your site events window is empty, click here.
  • To learn how to connect your Wix site events to an external monitoring tool of your choice, click here.
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