Velo: Getting Started with Triggered Emails

Triggered Emails is an advanced, powerful tool for Velo by Wix users. With Triggered Emails you can send your visitors personalized emails in specific scenarios.

First, set up the Triggered Email and add Variables to include personalized information. Then you'll receive a code snippet to be added in the code editor. 


  • Triggered Emails and Your Monthly Balance:
    Triggered Emails are included in the Email Marketing quota. However, similar to automations, Triggered Emails will continue to be sent without interruption even if you reach your quota.
  • Triggered Emails and Statistics:
    The statistics for Triggered Emails are based on every time an email is sent, including test emails that you send to yourself. This is different from the statistics for Email Marketing that are based on emails sent to unique contacts. Therefore, the statistics for Triggered Emails may seem inflated compared to Email Marketing statistics.
  • Site Collaborators:
    To allow site collaborators to work with triggered emails, you must give them the following permissions:
    • Manage Triggered Emails
    • Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

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  • As an alternative to Triggered Emails, you can use Wix Automations to reach out to your visitors.
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