Velo: About Git Integration & Wix CLI

Git Integration & Wix CLI is a set of tools that allows you to write, test, and publish code for your Wix site locally on your computer.

Connect your site to GitHub, develop in your favorite IDE, test your code in real time, and publish your site from the command line.

Connect your site to a GitHub repository

Use the GitHub Integration panel of the Velo sidebar (Wix Editor) or the Code sidebar (Wix Studio) to create a new GitHub repository to store your site's files.

Wix Editor:

Wix Studio:

Your site tracks the default branch in the new repo. Any code committed there appears on your site.

Learn more about setting up Git Integration & Wix CLI.

Code with Velo in your local IDE

Once your repo is set up, you can clone it to your computer and write code in it as you would in any other non-Wix project. Learn more about the file structure of your site's repo.

The repo's file structure matches the public, backend, and page code sections in the Velo sidebar (Wix Editor).

Test your code with the Local Editor

The Local Editor allows you to test changes made to your site in real time. The code in your IDE is synced with the Local Editor so you can test your changes before committing them to your repo. You can also change your site's design in the Local Editor and sync it with your IDE.

Learn more about working with the Local Editor.

Preview and publish with the Wix CLI

The Wix CLI is a tool that allows you to work with your site locally from your computer's terminal. You can use it to build a preview version of your site and publish it. You can also use the CLI to install npm packages to your site.

Learn more about working with the Wix CLI.

Work with multiple collaborators at once

Git Integration & Wix CLI extends Wix Studio's concurrent editing capabilities. Invite other developers as collaborators on your site and your GitHub repo. Multiple developers can work on a site's code at once.

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