Deploy and Manage Blocks Apps

After you create a Blocks app, there are still many aspects to manage and maintain. Most of these aspects do not require code, you can learn about them in the Wix Blocks Help Center. Here is a short recap of what you'll learn in the Help Center:


Create a test, major or minor version of your app. Manage how versions are handled for your sites, or for other site creators.

Installation settings

Define how your app is installed on a site. For example, what widgets and what presets are installed as default.

Work with your team

Share your app with team memebers, work on it concurrently, translate it or duplicate it.

Publish your app

Blocks apps can be private or public, meaning that you can use them on your own sites or publish them to the Wix App Market and reach millions of site creators.

After you decided on your business model and pricing plans in the Wix Development Center, make sure to adjust your UI and code to these pricing plans.

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