Set Up Pre-Installed Automations

Wix Automations help users to streamline work processes and save time on manual tasks. You can add automations that come pre-installed for all of your app's users. Users can see them in the Automations page under 'Installed for you'.

1. Before you start

The app you want to set up an automation for needs to be installed on a Wix website.

2. Select a site to create an automation template

  1. Go to Automations in the side menu of the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Click the Pre-installed tab.
  3. Click Create New > Pre-installed automation.

4. Click Select a site to create the automation.

5. Select the site that your app is installed on. Learn how to install your app on a free Premium development site.

6. A new tab will open on your site's Automations page, with Advanced Mode turned on.

3. Create your automation

  1. In the Automations page on your site's Dashboard, click + New Automation.
  2. Select the app you want to create an automation for.
  3. Select one of the available triggers and configure it. You can use any trigger created by Wix or a 3rd party.
  4. Connect your trigger with one or more actions like 'Send an email'. Fill out the relevant configuration fields in the wizard and remember to customize any templates you use.
  5. Click Activate.
  6. You'll now be redirected back to your site's Automations page.

4. Export your automation from the Wix site to the Developers Center

  1. Click the actions menu for the automation you created and select Generate link.

  2. Copy the generated automation link.

  3. Return to the tab of Wix Developers Center, where you create a New Pre-installed Automation.

    If the tab was closed, go to Developers Center > Automations > Create New > Pre-installed automation.

  4. Paste the copied automation link. The trigger and action(s) will show in the automation's preview, and the automation name will be automatically populated.

  5. Rename the automation if you like. Keep in mind:

    • Users can’t change this name themselves.
    • You can translate the name to other languages in the Translations page.
    • Tips for naming an automation:
      • Start with an imperative verb describing what the automation does (e.g., Notify members)
      • Describe what triggers it (e.g., when a new blog post is published)
      • Use sentence case, no period
  6. Choose the automation's default status:

    • Active
    • Inactive
  7. Configure user settings for the automations:

    • Allow users to edit timing: Check this to let users edit the automation's timing, which includes the delay of each action, and how frequently the same contact can trigger it.
    • Allow users to add & edit conditions: Check this to let users set conditions that control the automation flow.
  8. Click Save & Close and you'll be taken back to the Automations page.

  1. Your automation should now be listed in the Wix Developers Center under the Pre-installed tab.

5. Test your automation

Next, you need to test that everything's working. Learn how to install your app on a free Premium development site.

  1. Click Test Your App > Dashboard 
  2. Select the test site you installed your app on earlier.
  3. Make sure the automation is working as it should.

Tip: If you're using the same site you used for the template creation, make sure you deactivate the template version so that it isn't triggered twice.

6. Submit your app for review

Ready to publish your new pre-installed automation? You need to submit your app for review and a member of our team will check the changes and approve the latest version.

Important: Once your pre-installed automation is published, you can't change its trigger.


Can I use any trigger?

Yes. You can use any trigger that belongs to a Wix or 3rd-party app as long as the app is installed on your site.

Can I use any action?

Currently, you can only use the following actions in a pre-installed automation:

  • Send an email.
  • Get an email.
  • Send a push notification.
  • Any actions that belong to the app you are creating the pre-installed automation for.
Can I use triggers with filter fields in pre-installed automations?

Yes, all types of filter fields can be used. Take note that adding specific items might cause the automation not to work unless these items will be added to sites upon app installation.

Can app users change the trigger or edit its configuration?

No, in pre-installed automations users can’t change the trigger nor edit its configuration.

They can only edit action configurations.

If I make changes to the original automation I used as a template, will it affect the pre-installed automation?

No, it’s only used as an initial template and is completely disconnected from the pre-installed automation created in Wix Developers Center.

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