About Payments and Billing


Before you read this article, make sure you've read and understood the Partner Agreement, particularly Section > 9: Pricing, Collection and Revenue Sharing.

Once your app starts to generate revenue, there are some important things you need to know about how we pay you, and some other useful info relating to taxes and refunds.

Payments system

Before you launch an app on the App Market, you'll have set up your pricing pages in the Wix Developers Center. This populates the info users see about your app's price, packages, and features but it doesn't automatically connect to our payments system – we'll take care of that bit for you.

Revenue sharing

We split all revenue with you 80/20 (80% for you, 20% for us). This revenue share is paid out to you monthly.

If it's your first year on our platform, you'll keep 100% of everything you earn for the first 12 months.

The revenue share applies to users that start at Wix – i.e. aren't already using your app on another website prior to this.

For more about our revenue share, read this article.

Payment cycles

It’s exciting when your app starts to generate revenue, so here’s a few things you need to know:

  • As per the Partner Agreement, we pay out monthly so long as you've hit a minimum revenue share of $200 in that month.
  • If your Collaborator role is 'Owner', you can view and manage your transactions in the Payouts dashboard.
  • We’ll contact you around the middle of the following month with details on your payment, with payment due to hit your account at the beginning of the next month. E.g., revenue earned in March would ultimately arrive at the beginning of May.

Payouts dashboard

The Payouts dashboard lets you see and manage your latest revenue, and the data is updated daily (based on the UTC timezone). You'll be able to see your total collections, the amount of your billing fees, and the amount you can expect to be paid.

Want to know more about how the Payouts dashboard works? Read this article.


It’s totally up to you if you want to offer refunds for your app and you can do this directly from the Wix Developers Center (this feature is only accessible to Collaborators defined as 'Owners').

To do this:

  1. Go to the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Go to your Payouts tab in the side menu under Manage Your App.
  3. Click Transactions.
  4. Search for the transaction you want to offer a refund for.
  5. Click the Show More icon   next to the transaction, and select Request refund.
  6. Choose the amount you wish to refund to the user – this can be full or partial.
  7. Let us know if we should cancel their plan.
  8. Tell us a bit about why this user needs a refund, and any other info you'd like to add.
  9. Click Review the Request.
  10. You can now check the details and select the option to send a copy of the refund to your billing email. If you're happy with everything, click Request Refund.

Want to see a more detailed guide on refunds? Read this article.

Failed user payments

Sometimes payment fails because a user doesn't have sufficient funds on their card, or the card has expired. In such cases we give users 45 days to rectify the issue.

This grace period helps to make sure we don't lose users unnecessarily.

Here's how it works:

  1. When payment fails a 45-day grace period begins.
  2. During this time our system will keep trying to take payment from the card until it's successful.
  3. We'll email users every 3 days to let them know that payment has failed, and remind them to make any necessary changes.
  4. To resolve the issue, users can add funds to their card or replace the payment method.
  5. If the charge goes through, the payment cycle stays the same and the start date will be the same as the first charge attempt.
  6. If we've been unsuccessful in taking payment from the user after 45 days, their package will be cancelled.


This process doesn't include fraud cases, which are handled differently and are usually identified immediately. See the next section for more info on fraud.


Wix is obliged to adhere to the local fiscal laws and, therefore, charges individuals different tax rates in different territories around the world. When users purchase an app, some territories require us to charge tax, whereas others do not. 

If Wix takes care of your payments and billing, there's nothing you need to do – our system resolves this for you. If you manage billing on your own platform, then you're responsible for all applicable tax rates.

Local currency pricing

The primary price of your app is always set in US dollars ($) by you. When we list your app in other territories, our system calculates the fair market rate for that location and sets the price in the local currency to optimize sales. 

This means that the money you receive for each app sale can fluctuate up and down, depending on the territory in which it was sold.

The amount shown in your Payouts dashboard will be shown in US dollars, meaning you'll likely see different dollar amounts reflecting these fluctuating sale amounts.

Exchange rates

The exchange rate we use is updated from time to time, but we won’t increase the price for existing users. If the updated exchange rate lowers the price, we’ll lower the price for all users who pay in this currency.

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