Get Started From an App Template

Want to build an app that enhances the functionality of Wix sites? Jumpstart your development with one of our app templates and fast-track your way to a fully functioning app.

Why start with a template?

Each of our templates provides a working foundational app that you're free to modify and build upon. By deploying a template as your starting point, you can quickly move from a concept to a fully functional app, saving valuable time and effort.

Dive into our template collection and discover the possibilities for app creation.

Select the right template for your app

Wix offers templates specifically designed for each of the following development frameworks:

  • Wix Blocks
  • Wix CLI
  • Self-hosted apps integrated with the Wix Developers Center

Choose a template that matches your preferred framework to commence your project with ease.

Wix Blocks Templates
Build a native-style Wix app in a responsive drag-and-drop editor and incorporate sophisticated functionality with Velo.
Wix CLI Templates
Get a comprehensive developer experience with minimal setup, so you can focus on coding your app.
Self-Hosted App Templates
Develop and host an app on any platform, and integrate with Wix using the Developers Center.

See all our templates

Template features

The Wix app templates showcase a variety of features that apps can add to Wix sites, such as:

  • Pages or widgets on a live Wix site.
  • Dashboard pages or components for site admins.
  • Integration with 3rd-party services.
  • Site analytics through embedded scripts.

Developer tools

Each template uses a different set of Wix developer tools, including:

  • Wix Blocks and Velo: Combine UI design in the Wix editor with coding for advanced features, offering a comprehensive app-building experience.
  • Wix Design System: Utilize Wix's collection of reusable React components to craft a visually stunning and user-friendly app interface.
  • Wix CLI: Accelerate app development and deployment with a tool that simplifies initial setup and hosting.
  • REST APIs and JavaScript SDK: Access and manage site data effectively from your app, enabling sophisticated site interactions.
  • Webhooks: Implement real-time responses to site events.
  • Embedded scripts: Integrate custom analytics and additional functionalities seamlessly.
  • Wix Developers Center: Access essential resources for app configuration, permission management, and Wix integration.
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