Introduction to building apps for Wix

Wix offers a best-in-class development platform that empowers you to create innovative solutions at lightning speed with a comprehensive suite of documentation, powerful APIs, tutorials, and code samples.

Once you’ve built your app we help you to showcase and sell your apps to millions of potential users through the Wix App Market, generating revenue while helping users to achieve success.

What is a Wix app?

Wix apps are solutions designed to extend Wix's existing business products or add brand new capabilities and value for Wix users.

  • Extend existing Wix business solutions: Complement and integrate with existing Wix products such as Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Restaurants, Wix Events, and more.
  • Bring new capabilities: Deliver solutions that aren’t currently available in the Wix ecosystem, allowing users to achieve success online and offer unique value.

Learn more about the types of apps you can build and where they live in Wix.

The Wix Developers Center

The Wix Developers Center is the all-in-one hub for building and managing your apps, testing their functionality, and monitoring their performance.

Connect: Set up OAuth and permissions so you can access our huge library of APIs and webhooks that are the foundations of any app.

Build: We provide a set of tools and pre-built extensions to help you quickly build and release apps. You can set up OAuth, connect to webhooks, create automations, and use extension templates for embedded scripts, dashboard pages, and widgets.

Manage: Respond to reviews, check analytics, process refunds, and make changes to your live app on-the-go.

Sell: Showcase your app's best features by setting up your App Market listing and creating promotional assets. You can also set up your app’s pricing

Go to the Wix Developers Center and sign up for an account. If you're already a Wix user, you can log in with your Wix credentials to create a Wix Developers account.

Other ways to build apps on Wix

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just dipping your toes into the world of coding, Wix offers an arsenal of developer-friendly tools and resources to enhance your app-building journey.

Wix Blocks

Blocks lets you create apps with a drag-and-drop editor. Blocks enables app developers with hassle-free deployment and release flows, backend logic and databases without server maintenance. It comes with Editor X's powerful layout and design tools to help you build responsive, precise and beautiful widgets and pages.


You can use the Wix CLI for app development, either as an alternative to the Wix Developers Center or Blocks, or by integrating it into your existing Blocks or Developers Center app. The CLI supports React-based frameworks and provides all the necessary tools to create powerful apps. Its seamless integration and straightforward setup require minimal configuration, making it a convenient choice for your development needs.

How apps are launched

Throughout the app development process our team of experts are on hand to guide and support you. Once you’ve built an app, you submit it for review so our team can check everything’s working as it should, and they’ll then set it live on the Wix App Market.

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