About the Wix Design System

The Wix Design System is a comprehensive toolkit for developers and designers to craft beautiful and intuitive product experiences.

You can use the Wix Design System to create dashboard pages and panels for Wix applications. Dashboard pages are for site admins to manage data and business operations, while panels allow them to control the design and behavior of your app.

The Wix Design System offers:

  • A React component library
  • A Figma kit with components, icons, and ready-to-use page templates
  • Detailed component documentation, including demos and props reference
  • Design patterns and best practices for Wix app development
  • An interactive playground for hands-on exploration
  • Wix color palettes
  • Wix MadeFor font
  • Over 400 icons


For developers, the Wix Design System includes a React library of reusable components. Each component is documented in Storybook, accompanied by a demo and playground for exploration. This tool streamlines the rapid prototyping and development of Wix-styled applications. Get started developing.


For designers, the Wix Design System includes a Figma kit to integrate Wix design assets into their design workflow. This kit fosters enhanced collaboration and iteration throughout the design process, simplifies cooperation with developers, and ensures adherence to Wix's visual standards. Get started designing.

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