Create App Notifications

You can set up notifications to communicate with your app's users in their site dashboard and / or the Wix Owner mobile app. This can be used to alert your users about important updates and events.

How notifications appear to users

Wix site dashboard

All Wix site owners have a dashboard where they can see your notification. Clicking the notification icon opens a notifications dropdown panel.

Wix Owner mobile app

Many users also have the companion Wix Owner app (available in the Google Play and Apple App Store). You can set up mobile desktop notifications as well as in-app notifications.

Create a notification

This guide shows you how to set up notifications in the Wix Developers Center. For technical development information, see the Notification API documentation.

1. Get started

  1. Go to Extensions in the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Click + Create Extension in the top right corner.
  3. Check the Notifications box.
  4. Click + Create under Notification.

2. General info

This information will help you to identify and manage your notifications in the Wix Developers Center and API.

  1. Choose a Notification name (visible only to you).
  2. Add a Description (visible only to you).
  3. Assign this notification to a topic. Not created a topic? Learn how.
  4. Copy the Notification Template ID: This auto-generated ID will help you identify the notification you want to send in API calls. Please note that it’s only valid once you click Save.

3. Recipients

This is where you decide who should see your notifications and where they appear.

  1. Choose which users get the notification:
  • All site contributors: Site contributors include admins, managers and assistants
  • Site owner only: The site owner is the person who created the site or received ownership if the site was transferred.
  1. Choose where users see the notification:
  • Dashboard: The user will see the notification in the site feed in the Dashboard (desktop website).
  • Mobile app: The user will receive a push notification from the Wix Owner app and see the message in the app’s notification center.

4. Message

You now need to add some content for the notification. This could be something like "You have a new order".

  • You can use a max of 200 characters.
  • Be clear and succinct in your message.
  • Check for spelling and grammar.
  • Use dynamic values to personalize the notification. To include dynamic values, use double brackets: {{DynamicValues}}. The actual values must be provided in your HTTP request.

5. Add permissions

You need to add a permission for each type of data you want to access.

  1. Click Permissions in the side menu (under Build Your App).
  2. Click + Add Permissions.
  3. Search for 'Manage Notifications' and check the box.
  4. Click Save.

6. Call the API

Trigger your notification: Read our technical documentation to understand how to call the API.

7. Finish set up

  1. Click Save.
  2. Now that your changes are saved, you'll receive an example of the HTTP request that will enable you to trigger the notification.

8. Edit or delete notifications

Once saved you can manage your notifications from the Notifications tab in the Wix Developers Center.

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