About the Wix JavaScript SDK

Wix's JavaScript SDK provides npm packages that enable you to access and manage Wix functionality through API calls in your JavaScript code.

JavaScript SDK for app developers

You can use the SDK to code a Wix App that communicates with sites it's installed on and can access and manage the business solutions installed on the site.

To use Wix APIs in Apps, site owners must grant you explicit permission for the operations you perform, either when installing the app on their site, or by providing an API key.

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Important: Use of Wix APIs when building Wix Apps are subject to the Wix App Market Guidelines.

SDK Packages

The SDK includes a universal npm package @wix/sdk which manages authentication and communication with the Wix platform.

Each domain, such as Contacts or Stores, also has its own npm package, with the naming convention @wix/{domain}. To work with any domain, you need both the universal SDK package and the package for the domain you wish to work with. For example, to work with Contacts, you need both @wix/sdk and @wix/contacts.

These packages are fully typed, making the structure of parameters and fields predictable and easy to work with. Package versioning follows SemVer convention, for convenient dependency management.

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