Promote Your App

Once your app is live on the Wix App Market, you may want to do some self-promotion to engage new and existing users. There are several ways to do this:

  • Send marketing emails.
  • Add our App Market badge to your website.
  • Write a press release.

Email marketing

You can send out marketing emails to let Wix users know about new features and more. Just make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure the email has an unsubscribe option.
  • It should be clear from your email that it’s from your company, and not from Wix.  
  • Add a link to your app in the App Market, or create a direct link so that users can open your app in one of the their Wix sites. Prefer to direct users to a landing page? Go ahead – just make sure this page has a CTA that links to your app in Wix.

Here’s an example:


We recommend using an email tracking service so that you can get stats about email performance.

When sending email marketing, direct users to open your app in one of their Wix sites. Don’t send users to your app’s website.

To do this you'll need to construct a URL to open the Wix Site Selector, so that users can choose which of their sites to open your app in. Once users select a site, they’ll be directed to your app in that site. This is an example of our site selector:

To open the site selector, use the following URL:

1 One of Your Sites&buttonText=Open App&actionUrl=<encoded iframe URL>

But first, you’ll need the encoded value of your app’s iframe URL within the editor or internal dashboard. You’ll add this value at the end of the site selector URL, for the actionUrl key.

Here’s how to construct and encode the iframe URL to get the actionUrl:

  1. Go to the Wix Developers Center and get your App ID.
  2. Construct the iframe URL:
    • Website components: Replace appID with your app’s ID in the following URL:{{applications.HtmlWeb.idInApp}}?metaSiteId={{metaSiteId}}&editorSessionId={{esi}}&etpa=<appID>
    • Dashboard components – Replace appID with your app’s ID in the following URL:{{metaSiteId}}/app/<appID>/<appID>?<appState> Note: If your app supports deep linking and you want to direct the user to an internal page within your app, change the value of
  3. Add the encoded iframe URL:
    • Encode this iframe URL with a URL encoding tool (like this one). The encoded URL is the value for the actionURL key.
    • Enter the encoded URL as the actionURL key in the site selector URL above.


If you want to notify a specific user about something that happened in your app or an action they should take – here’s how (available for internal dashboard apps only).

App Market badges

You can promote your Wix app with our “Available in the Wix App Market” badge. Use the badge on your site and anywhere you promote your app.

1. Choose your favorite color and save the image:

2. Link the badge to your app overview modal:

Here are some guidelines to follow when using the badge:

  • Don’t modify the badge in any way except to resize it.
  • Keep a minimum of 20px between the Wix badge and other content and images.
  • Make sure that your badge is always linked to your app in the Wix App Market.
  • The badge shouldn’t be displayed on any website that promotes: pornography, violence, gambling, hate speech or content that violates other applicable laws.
  • Remember that all Wix images are proprietary and protected under intellectual laws, so please use them appropriately.


Prefer to use our logo instead? You can download our logo and use it on your site – we just ask that you follow the guidelines listed.

Social posts

Want to shout about launching on the Wix App Market across your social channels? Feel free to save and use these images.

Download images

Facebook Ad: Blue, Orange, Purple

Facebook Business Page Cover: Blue, Orange, Purple

Facebook Photo Post: Blue, Orange, Purple

Instagram Landscape: Blue, Orange, Purple

Instagram Portrait: Blue, Orange, Purple

Instagram Square: Blue, Orange, Purple

LinkedIn Shared Link: Blue, Orange, Purple

LinkedIn Single Image: Blue, Orange, Purple

Twitter Shared Link: Blue, Orange, Purple

Twitter In-Stream Photos: Blue, Orange, Purple

Write a press release

A press release can be a great way to spread the word about your app launching on the Wix App Market.

Before you distribute a press release you need to send it to Wix for approval (this can take up to 10 days, so please allow plenty of time).

To get approval you should open a ticket with a link to your PR release draft along with details about your distribution plan and target outlets.

The app must be QAd and available to users at the time of the announcement. Once approved, we'll agree on a distribution date / time with you.

Press release template

You can use this template to help write your press release:

A CLEAR HEADLINE: E.g. [App Name] Launches on the Wix App Market

[Location] – [Date] – [Company Name], today announced a partnership with [ Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX).

The second paragraph is your chance to tell the world what makes your app innovative and the problem it solves for users. It should grab the reader’s attention.

Next you can provide more detail and expand on your app’s key features and benefits. What differentiates your app from the competition? Why should readers care?

“This spot should be used for a quote from an exec within your company and can add a bit more detail not already covered above. Why is this announcement so exciting?”

“If Wix provides a quote supporting the announcement, it should go here.”

Use this slot to talk about availability: When will your app be released, and what geographical locations and languages does it support?

[Optional] Add your app's pricing if relevant – is there a free version users can try? What subscription model do you offer?

About [Company Name]

The section is for your company’s boilerplate – a general description of your company.

Contact Info

Include any contact info, website details or a link to your App Market listing.

Things to avoid

  • Don't include Wix data – our statistics and numbers change often, and it's very important that we don't publish inaccurate numbers in the press.
  • Don't make any unsubstantiated, generic claims like the app is 'exclusive' or 'the best'.
  • Don't include Wix boilerplate.
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