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Wix offers powerful business solutions designed to help users achieve their dreams online. Whether selling ecommerce products, running events, writing blogs, or managing restaurants, we give users the tools they need to make it all happen.

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Wix Developers Center

The Wix Developers Center is the all-in-one hub for building and managing your apps, testing their functionality, and monitoring their performance.

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Wix Design System

The Wix Design System allows you to use Wix’s reusable React components to create beautiful and intuitive product experiences. Get access to component guidelines, code snippets, APIs, 400 icons for common actions and items, design patterns, and best practices for building apps for Wix.

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You can utilize the Wix CLI for app development either as an alternative to the Wix Developers Center or Blocks, or by integrating it into your existing Blocks or Developers Center app. The CLI supports React-based frameworks with all the necessary tools to create robust apps. Its seamless integration and straightforward setup require minimal configuration, making it a convenient choice for your development needs.

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Wix Blocks

Blocks lets you create apps with a drag-and-drop editor. Blocks enables app developers with hassle-free deployment and release flows, backend logic and databases without server maintenance. It comes with Editor X's powerful layout and design tools to help you build responsive, precise and beautiful widgets and pages.

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Connect to Wix data


Third-party apps can use our various REST APIs to access Wix site data while serving site owners' needs. E.g., you can make API calls to read and write to the Wix Stores product catalog on a specific site, manage the site’s orders, and more.

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API Keys

API keys allow you to make API calls at the account and site level while bypassing OAuth authentication.

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JavaScript SDK

Exposes methods that enable the app to communicate with the Wix platform – the Editor, Dashboard, live site, and preview.

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SPIs are APIs that are defined by Wix, which you may choose to implement. By doing so, you will become a service provider, and then Wix will call your application during a certain flow, wait for your response, and continue the flow with your response.

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Webhooks listen to events in real-time so that we can notify you whenever something happens in your app or on a site that your app's installed on.

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Extension types

There are two main types of extension: website and dashboard. All apps must have at least one extension, but you can have two or more. You can find the Extensions tab in the Wix Developers Center. This is where you'll add and connect your extensions to the Wix system.

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