Create a Notification Topic

Topics group similar notifications so that users can decide which types of notifications they want to receive. All of the notifications you create should be assigned to a topic.

1. General info

Users will see this and other topics you make under your app’s name in their notifications preferences page.

  1. Go to Extensions in the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Click + Create Extension in the top right corner.
  3. Check the Notifications box.
  4. Click + Create under Notification Topic.
  5. Choose a group name for your notification (this is visible to users) – e.g., New Purchase.
  6. Add a description (this is visible only to you).

2. Topic type

You need to assign a topic type when creating notifications for users of user (Contacts and Members). The notifications assigned to this topic should align with one of the following types:

  • Promotional topic (member subscription required): Notifications assigned to this topic are for marketing materials; such as offers or coupons.
  • Transactional topic: Notifications assigned to this topic type are essential business information; such as transactions or order confirmations.


Topic types are shown to users of user when they are selecting their subscription preferences, and to the primary user when they create notifications with Wix Automations.

3. Default state

When new users install your app, the default state determines whether this topic is toggled on or off.

  • On: New users automatically receive notifications in this topic.
  • Off: New users won't receive notifications in this topic unless they turn it on.


Changing this won't affect current users that already see this notification topic.

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