The difference between Public and Custom Apps.

Wix enables you to build applications for your own use or for sharing. When you build an app, you can decide whether you want that app to be custom (only available on your own sites or client sites) or public (available for wider use and publishable in the Wix App Market).

Public Apps

Public Apps are applications that you publish in the Wix App Market. In the Wix App Market, your apps are visible to millions of Wix users and can be found through search engines like Google. You can choose to offer your apps for free or sell them.

You can also decide on the size of your app’s audience by limiting it to certain countries or languages – e.g., you could build a shipping app just for Indian users.

Custom Apps

Custom Apps are applications that are used on your own sites, on your clients' sites, or for other collaborative projects.

You can install these apps on as many Wix sites as you want, as long as you are an owner or contributor to the site. Enjoy the benefits of reusing the app's user-interface, code, collections and dashboard pages.

Custom apps can be installed through:

  • Custom Apps in the Editor (if you’re the app’s creator)
  • The Wix Studio dashboard
  • A shareable URL, which you can create in the Wix Developers Center or Wix Blocks (valid for up to 80 installations)

Custom Apps for Enterprise use

With a Wix Enterprise account you can build and reuse apps among all of your organization’s accounts and websites. Custom apps built by Enterprises can be exposed to all Enterprise users through the Wix App Market using a ‘private collection’ that can appear in the Wix App Market sidebar.

Making your Custom App available to the public

You can transform your Custom App into a Public App by submitting it in the Wix Developers Center for review. Once your app is public, you shouldn’t use this app for private purposes (i.e., install newer versions of the app on sites and accounts via the custom app flows).

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