Integrate with Wix’s Dashboard interface

A site’s dashboard is its backoffice, where site owners manage their product catalog, business open hours, and much more.
Third party apps can add visual extensions to a site’s dashboard, including pages and widgets.

Note: Dashboard pages are generally used for global configuration related to the app, while panels in the editor are generally used to configure a specific instance of a widget or page that your app provides to the live site.

Dashboard Pages

Dashboard pages come in 2 types:

  • Full-page extensions that can be added to a site's dashboard. The page appears in the dashboard sidebar and behaves just like any other dashboard page. You can add multiple pages and organize them in the dashboard sidebar.
  • Additions to the dashboard sidebar that redirect to your platform, also called External dashboard pages.

Apps can create dashboard page extensions using the following:

Note: You can use Wix's CLI tool to create dashboard page extensions, and/or the Wix Design System to design them.

Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are small elements that can be added to pages of a site. Within dashboard pages managed by Wix, only slot widgets (aka plugins) are supported. Slot widgets can be added to designated slots that Wix has made available within specific pages.

Apps can create dashboard widget extensions using the following:

Note: Wix's Dashboard SDK offers additional functionality for dashboards, including pop-ups and toasts.

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