Velo: Using Variables to Add Personalized Text to Triggered Emails

Make a Triggered Email even more personalized and engaging by using Variables. Some common examples of Variables include the visitor's name or address, but there's really no limit to the kinds of data you can put in a Variable.

The Variable appears as placeholder that will ultimately be replaced by a real value that you define in the code. The name in the placeholder should be meaningful to you so that you can identify it later.

To add a Variable from the Triggered Email Editor:

  1. Click a text element and then click + Add Variable

  2. Variable name: You can name a variable anything you want, but it should be meaningful to you so you can identify it later.

  3. Under Fallback value, write a replacement text that appears in case you're missing that specific piece of data. (For example, if you don't have your user's name, you can add "Customer" or "Buddy", depending on what fits your situation best.)

  4. Click Add.

What's next? Your variables appear in a code snippet. See these examples to learn how to correctly implement the snippet in the Velo by Wix Panel:

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