Velo: About the URL Structure of Premium and Free Sites

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In many situations you might refer to the URLs of your site's pages. A page's URL is made up of several parts that are detailed below. Your site's URL looks different depending on whether you have a premium site or a free site.

Full URL

Here, we'll use the following equivalent URLs to demonstrate the difference between premium and free sites:


The protocol is the start of both types of URLs:

  • Premium:

  • Free (Wix Editor):

  • Free (Wix Studio):

Base URL

The base URL is the URL of your home page:

  • Premium:

  • Free (Wix Editor):

  • Free (Wix Studio):


Dynamic pages and router pages have a prefix:


The path follows the prefix if one exists. If there is no prefix, it follows the base URL:


The query is a list of keys and values:

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